Smart City Final Year CSE Java Project Abstract

Introduction to Smart City Project:

If you want to showcase your city and cast its uniqueness in place to visit, business, things to enjoy, local transportation for a traveler and other things then it is necessary to give it a web based platform. Do you know how to structure this and also earn money by charging people for providing any 4 services to them. for this you need an entire map of the city with markets and places to visit marked and highlighted. Live map and using of static maps are the available options. you will also require the overall view of business in the city followed by a complete history of the political and social life.

The registration for each individual will be 100 percent secures and it will also need the user’s personal profile but only during the transaction providence. For easy and user-friendly access a complete site map for the entire site is very important. Facilitate communication between user, experts and the general public through – Discussion forum/chat/mail/polls. Start with 4 services for which people need to pay like SMS alert about the daily rates of the market advertisements, new cities and other related issues. Update about the notices of the government and local news.

Students can Develop two to three modules out of the above mentioned functionality  With this system students can easily create three modules with the help of the functions that are mentioned above. This system can be used by any tourist coming to the city as well as by those who are looking for any information’s related to your city. A businessman who is coming to your city can also make use of this new system.

Solutions created for this system must use CSS, HTML for presentation on the web followed by the client side scripting, Java script. Here, Java will be used as a language for programming.

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  1. Can u please give us a idea how we can implement this to an rural area and then showing slowly its development

  2. Please send me the smart city project with coding and sql server back end and complete doxumentation pls it’s urgent

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