Offender Management Service Java Project


Offender management service is a project developed to improve and manage the security of prison. This project high level security to the data about the prisoners. This system enables the law enforcement people to access the data.


Offender management service is a java web application developed to maintain data without any duplication and losses. All the information related to the prisoners are maintained automatically. Information about the prisoners or prisons can be provided quickly and efficiently.

This system provides complete details of each prisoner. This system also maintains details of all the cases against each prisoner. All the activities of the prisoner will be pre planned and listed clearly in this system. Details like entry date, allocated prison and the release data will be mentioned. All the activities of the prisoner like in time and out time will be automatically updated.

Ledgers and files regarding the prisoner can be maintained with a high level security. This project provides the user to access the data without any in convince and difficulty. In this system data will be organized in a proper way without doesn’t lead to any inconsistency.


The objective of this Offender Management Service Java Project is to update all the information and to provide information about the prisoner. To make the work of the government easy by generating the  reports and documents automatically. To provide security for sensitive data.



Administrator can maintain different registers such as nominal rolls, case register, automated release register, parole register, duty register and in-out register. Other tasks done by the administrator are generation of reports, maintenance of log files, backup, and recovery of data any time. Administrator also manages details of number of cells and their usage. Administrator is also responsible for managing finances of prison.

Police officers:

Police officers can seek information regarding prisoners and convicts. The information is used to make decisions regarding court hearings, remands, release dates etc.

Data Managers:

On the behalf of administrator data manager prepares all the registers with appropriate data. They can have the privilege to add and update data in the different registers.

Nominal Rolls:

The details of the prisoner and his/her demographic details should be captured. A digital photo comprising different views of the prisoner and the list of articles surrendered by prisoner during nominal roll are to be recorded.


The system allows the generation of various reports based on different criteria such as prisoners details.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                            :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                      :           JavaScript

Programming Language                  :           Java

Web based Technologies                 :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                     :           JDBC

Java Version                                     :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                           :           Oracle 9i

Operating System                            :           Windows XP/2000/2003,LINUX

Web Server                                      :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

Browser                                            :           IE/Mozilla

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