MCA Java Project on Packet Transport Service

Introduction to Packet Transport Service Project:

The packet transport service is of less quality and not persistent in the representative packet switched networks which also consists of IP Networks. These packets are some times loss because of improper buffering of the packets at switching nodes, the packets may also not of use due to highly errors in the bits and does not pass the cyclic redundancy check link layer or gone out due to the congestion in response of network control mechanisms. The end to end loss packets can be procured by Forward error correction (FEC) coding. 

The FEC application can be very useful from the end users view; the FEC can retrieve the loss packets by the help of redundant packets. From the Network’s view the FEC schemes at end nodes enhances the raw packet loss rate concludes with the transmission of redundant packets. So to maximize the end to end performance the redundancy volume is added and the loss of packets in the Network can lead to be identified. 

The project is the analysis of packet level FEC coding implies the interlaced Reed- Solomon codes in disputing with the network packet loss and then gives the information and combine theory procedures to identify the packet loss and maximum loss within end to end performances. The maximum redundancy and channel coding rate is not sufficient to fill the packet loss. Increased overhead the cause the raw packet loss creates the low packet recovery ability of the FEC code. 

The Project is aimed at the calculating the packet loss by FEC to recover the loss by applying residual packet loss on the IP networks. The end to end performance has equivalent to the source coding rate which gets support from the fixed residual packet loss. The procedure implemented is applied for the optimum load or congestion which is helped by the coding parameters. The block interference channel is completely exchanged by network transport channel has bound on FEC performance. 

The project is developed by JAVA, JavaSwing for the Front end program, JFRAME BUILDER tool used, and Windows XP operating system. 

The Hardware requirements are Pentium processor 2.6 GHz, Pentium 20 GB, 512 MB RAM. 

Download  MCA Java Project on Packet Transport Service .

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