Seminar Report on Remote Server Monitoring System for Corporate Data Centers

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Remote Server Monitoring System for Corporate Data Centers :

Network monitoring system helps to perform local time monitoring of the local administrator as well as perform data transmission, data acquisition and data analysis. It makes the work of the administrator simpler and easier. New user registration, deleting user’s accounts, updating accounts, disable user accounts, viewing system details of any user, time allotment of users, viewing software and hardware connected through the network system and accessing full control of the user.

At the same time it also enables detect the network failures, reboot and shut down system, chatting and so on. When the administrator can finds out that a user is trying to perform some illegal activities then it can disable the user’s account. This will not enable the user to log into his system anymore.

This project is designed to get detailed information about the local network and it also focused on the administrator’s task. This software helps the administrators of the local network to see the whole structure of the network. It enables them to perform real time monitoring along with client control as well as to find the LAN traffic and detection of failure. You can also check the complaints and chat with the clients. For ensuring high network security the administrator can change the password.

Here the administrator can keep a check on all the machines that are attached to the network as well as on their configurations. He can have the user’s details like the last log of time, login date, username and so on. By viewing the machines that are connected in the network the administrator can do real time monitoring. He can also find out about the processor, memory details and applications of the users. The administrator can know the desktop capture, restart and log off, remote system from the user’s system, shutdown and actual network structure.

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