Data Warehousing Seminar Report and Data Mining Seminar Report

Description: It is suggested in the research paper Data Warehousing Seminar Report and Data Mining Seminar Report that the companies now rely heavily on data mining and warehousing techniques to look into their business trends, do competitor analyses, understand their own strengths and weaknesses and so the competitors. Data mining and warehousing techniques are beneficial not just to organizations, businesses but also businesses. Although there are many advantages of data mining there are many disadvantages too. For example one might gain access over some private matters of the company which is otherwise not to be disclosed to a third party. The research paper discusses these things in depth.

 The research paper quotes example of the retail king Wal-Mart. It is suggested in the research paper that Wal-Mart is pioneering massive data mining to transform its supplier relationships. Wal-Mart captures point-of-sale transactions from over 2,900 stores in 6 countries and continuously transmits this data to its massive 7.5 terabyte Teradata data warehouse. Wal-Mart allows more than 3,500 suppliers, to access data on their products and perform data analyses.

Data mining (DM), also called Knowledge-Discovery in Databases (KDD) or Knowledge-Discovery. Data mining has been defined as “the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data” and “the science of extracting useful information from large data sets or databases” .Data warehousing is defined as a process of centralized data management and retrieval. Data warehousing represents an ideal vision of maintaining a central repository of all organizational data. Centralization of data is needed to maximize user access and analysis.

Conclusion: The research paper suggests on the note that although there is information explosion there are no highly evolved and secure database management systems going hand in hand so far. The research paper voices out a need for this. Data mining can be beneficial for businesses, governments, society as well as the individual person.  However, the major flaw with data mining is that it increases the risk of insecure operations.  Data mining and warehousing are the tools that need continuous evolution considering the ‘change’ factor in businesses that is almost continuous.

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