Data Warehousing And Data Mining CSIT Seminar Topic

Description: The research paper Data Warehousing And Data Mining CSIT Seminar Topic comments about the age of information explosion we are currently in. It talks about the importance of securing and protecting a huge data base. It talks about various aspects pertaining to effective security measures of data base. It talks about the recent trends and future scope.
It has been observed that although the rate at which data is churned out is huge the rate at which it is processed and made applicable through analytical thinking and prudent decision making skills is pretty low. Now this could call for an alarming situation where in we see a data overflow not knowing what to do with it.
In a situation like this both data warehousing and data mining techniques and applications provide quick relief.
It is suggested in the research paper that data warehousing formats data in such a way that it is easily accessible, but at the same time if the format is not in a way as to facilitate the decision making process, the whole idea of data warehousing goes for a toss. The paper talks about managing information effectively so that decision making becomes an ‘on-line’ process. Such a thing will catapult businesses to a whole new world. Businesses thus would have a competitive edge like never before.

The paper suggests an evolution of extraction of data to processing it and utilizing it in the decision making process.

As the name itself suggests data warehouse stores a huge data. It compiles data at a point from various incompatible sources. This information is them processed into meaningful information for business analyses, comparison of data and scientific/business forecasts.


Data warehousing along with data mining will give the organization viable customer care solutions. The processes offer transparency and this certainly enhances the customer loyalty factor. The techniques have gained widespread recognition and have a long way to go

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