Data Leakage Seminar Topic

Data-Leakage-Seminar-Topic.Data leakage seminar topic explains about brief introduction on what is data leakage, Causes of data leakage in top companies and solution on how data leakage can be stopped.

Multinational companies along with government organizations are facing data leakage problem. Sensitive information is stolen at the time of transmission. More information on data leakage at network side is explained in Network data Leakage seminar topic.

Existing System.

In existing system in order to control data leakage water marking technology is used. In this method data is embedded with a unique code. Based on unique code data leakage can be identified. Water marking method can save data leakage but data will be  modified.

Proposed System.

In this proposed system data leakage can be detected along with agent who is involved in data leaking. This method uses “Perturbation” technique to show sensitive information as insensitive to agent. Algorithms are developed in the way that they are accessible to agents and by using these algorithms agent’s information can be traced.

This application is developed in Asp.Net and C#, and sql server is used as database. There are four modules involved in this application.

Data Allocation Module

  1. Fake Object Module
  2. Optimization Module
  3. Data Distributor
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