Seminar Report on DNA Computing

Introduction to DNA Computing Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about DNA computer and its speed calculations.  DNA strands can be used as representations of binary data bits. DNA computation depends on the technology which allows reproducing required number of individual DNA strands to solve complex computational problems. The main advantage of DNA computing is it can work in a massively parallel fashion. A molecules pair on a DNA strand represents data and the hardware to read and manipulate the code is the two naturally occurring enzymes. Software used for DNA computing is biological catalysts which will helpful to perform desired operations. 


DNA computers can perform million of operations simultaneously when compared to that of conventional computers. DNA approach is processing all possible answers at a time and provides the set of potential solutions. DNA holds more information in a cubic centimeter when compared to that of a trillion CD. So, it helps to manage huge amount of memory efficiently.  DNA computers are power-saving computers and its energy-efficiency is million times more than that of a normal PC. 

Applications and limitations:

There are many applications like DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, DNA mutation detection which performs re-coding natural DNA into a computable form. 

As there is a trial and error for all possible solutions for a complex problem in DNA computing, the possibility of getting errors for trials is more than that of getting correct solution to the problem. On a small test tube of DNA, every primitive operation takes some hours to complete.  These are all limitations of DNA computing. 


The remarkable features of DNA computer are more storage capacity, high parallelism, high speed in calculations and less power consuming i.e., high energy efficiency. In order to execute the program on a DNA computer, few operations like synthesis, separation, merging, extraction, melting, cutting, ligation, detection, binding and multiplying need to be work out on DNA sequences in a test tube.

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