DNA Based Computing Seminar Topic

Introduction to DNA Based Computing Seminar Topic:

DNA computing is the most advanced computing technique in the fields of cryptography and stenography used for finding the unbreakable algorithms. DNA computing is the most advanced encryption algorithm and is highly secure and this can be used in various fields in the future. For performing DNA computing high tech lab equipment are required and many computational limitations are combined. In this paper we will discuss about DNA and how this computing method and is highly secured than other conventional encryption algorithms.

DNA and computing method:

All organisms in the planet are bind together with a same kind of genetic blue print. This blue print coding decides the structure of the organism whether he is human or an animal or a plant. But the information regarding the cell is known through DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic acid). From the DNA information the cells form the protein material upon which the life is formed.

The DNA is formed of millions of linked nucleotides and these are made of four nitrogen bases and one carbon sugar and a phosphate group. Depending upon the nitrogen base these are named. DNA based cryptography has high level of computational ability and has incredible information storage media.

The DNA stenography is build by using a simple code to convert the letters of combinations of four bases and by this DNA based code is designed.


The DNA computing has many applications in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine. The research in DNA computing resulted in to build a molecule with desired features. The DNA authentication is the most secure method in the market and its use will expand in the future. 

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