DNA Computing Paper Presentation

Description: The research paper DNA Computing Paper Presentation speaks about DNA Computing which seems to have a very promising future. The research paper suggests that Cryptography is a science that almost keeps losing its significance with an addition of information, new technology or any other thing. Cryptography and 55 bit encryptions that were written a few decades ago were considered be all end all for secure transactions for all the generations to come. Surprisingly that 54 bit encryption now stands obsolete and completely extinct. With emergence of standard smart card and almost never ending e-transactions, the future of cryptography seems to be heavily burdened.

The idea of DNA Computing as a very effective encrypting technique is gaining ground very fast. DNA computing or molecular computing are terms used to explain utilizing the innate combinational properties of DNA for extremely parallel computation.  The idea is that with an suitable setup and enough DNA, one can potentially answer huge mathematical problems by parallel search.  This means that you can try every solution to a given problem until you came across the right one through arbitrary calculation.  Utilizing DNA for this type of computation can be much faster than utilizing a conventional computer.

Leonard Adleman a Computer Scientist from the University of California first suggested that the DNA with its multitude of possibly combining nucleotides could find application in brute force computer search techniques.

Conclusion: Although the field of DNA Computation has wide scope it is still in its infancy many researches are to be done until the domain gains momentum. As of now creating the necessary lab feature to kick start any such thing seems to be both a distant dream and intimidating. DNA Computing can gain ground by creating applications in the field of biology, chemistry and medicine. As of now the domain is in its incipient stage.

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