Seminar on Biometric Security Systems

Introduction to Biometric Security Systems Seminar Topic:

These are the technique of the user authentication which is very difficult to forge, they cannot theft or something to forget, they are always with us, like eyes, hand, fingerprint.  It used the technique of pattern matching like fingerprint matching which is very unique and they vary from user to user or hand matching pattern like the shape of a hand. If in case of someone fingerprint might not work then his face recognition or his voice can be used.

First, the user image is taken and converted into a template which is then stored in the database. When the next time user comes his new image is compared with previous image and the numeric value is created that determines the correctness of image.  Then three possibilities occur:

–         When the user is not authenticated or rejected

–         When the data are not correct means some data are correct and some right

–         When the decision is adjusted such that result obtained is true.

Fingerprint authentication: this is widely used technique as a fingerprint is very unique. The user has a unique pattern on their hands which is used for identification.

Iris authentication: human eyes have dark spot knows as iris which is divided into lakhs of colored circles.

Voice authentication: human voice is generated from a vocal tract that vibrates and create sound. Human has different speaking characteristics which are used for authentication. There is two of voice authentication used:  Text-dependent and Text independent.

Face authentication: they used a video camera for identifying human faces. It takes 10-20 seconds and the camera takes more than 1 picture at different angles for more accurate identification.

Applications:  they are used in most of the banks for card fraud, telephone transactions, workstations, travel and tourism, internet transactions and now it is also public identity cards like ‘”AADHAR “.

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