Btech CSE Seminar Report Palm Vein Technology

Btech CSE Seminar Report Palm Vein Technology uses patterns of vescular to identify the personal data. It is developed by Fujitsu. Palm vein recognition technology is secure because the authentication data exists inside a human body and is therefore very hard to forge. It is accurately high.

This palm vein pattern technology is used in many areas for security like ATM, personal computers, banking, hospitals, libraries, government offices, in passport issuing, authentication etc.

In today’s ubiquitous network world, where a person is able to access their information easily any time and anywhere and hence people are facing risk of accessing the same information anytime and anywhere by others easily. To overcome this kind of problems, Fujitsu has developed four types of methods: fingerprints, faces, voice prints and palm veins.

A person’s palm vein image is converted into data points by algorithms, which is then compressed, encrypted, and stored by a software system and registered along with the other details in his profile. This registration is stored as a reference for future comparison then every time when a person attempting to log in to gain access by a palm scans to a particular bank account or secured entryway etc.

Palm vein authentication technology is done with vascular pattern on the back of a hand or a finger. Therefore, the palm vein pattern is the highly complex and covers the large area. It is easier to take a photograph of vascular pattern because the palm is hairless.


Palm vein pattern authentication technology is used in a wide range of area in Japan. If introduced in our country, many problems can be solved like protection of password in ATM, security in many fields etc. Implementation of this technology in government offices can make the employees to be punctual and work according to government timings and precisely this technology can bring a drastic revolution in science and technology in the very near future.

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