Search Your Doctor Android Application


Search your doctor is an android application which helps user to search hospitals and doctors with the doctor details and also guide you to the hospital by showing the route map for your current location to the hospital.


Search your doctor application is an android based mobile application which helps the user to locate nearby hospitals and their doctors with doctor details and doctor availability timings. This application has the ability to find your location through GPS system and also helps to guide you to the hospital by showing available route maps from your location to the hospital. This application use internet to connect to the server and download hospital and doctor information’s.

Existing System: 

The existing system don’t give all the doctor and hospital information in one place, if someone wants to get all the doctors information then user has to search on internet, even though he can able to get doctors information’s of any particular hospital if he logins to the hospitals website, but not all the available doctors from different hospital, now if you get the doctor and hospital information then you have to search again to get the location and route to the hospital separately, to search all these information it will take a lot of time, also this process is hectic and complicated.

Proposed System: 

The proposed system gives a convenient and time saving solution for the existing system. It provides the facility to search all the nearby hospitals and doctor information in one place and also it provide the time schedule for the availability of the doctors in that hospital, and also the application is so powerful that it can easily able to find your current location and then rout you to the selected hospital without putting any extra effort.

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