Shopping Mart Android Application




At present world the moment of increase in use of the Smartphone’s and PDA’s, we could have a clear vision to make android application. This application allows the user to select the items related to shopping mart eg: Reliance shopping mart.


This android application contains different categories like Electronics, Trousers, Fooditems , Clothes in this way application is designed user can select items and send the selected data to the server related to the particular shopping mart. In this application the data of all categories will generated dynamically by using server and it contains list views to present the data and we use different modules in this async task and saxparser. we can use location module in this application it is optional. This application provide you door delivery features through gateway or cash on delivery.


The existing shopping mart system in market is when user want to buy any items from shopping mart or user want to select items instantly it is impossible to get instantly. It is not possible to select items from home or any other place .user will definitely go to shopping mart directly. So for this problem we introduced proposed system.


The proposed system of this application will provide the goods and user items in particular shopping mart user can select the items instantly from home or any place instantly by using this user can get the items to user door step with out going to the shopping mart. The server provide the all information about shopping mall and total products in their mall, and shows by categories wise. By using this user can find the location of the shopping mart for your desire.


  • Server:- 

By using this module the items will generate dynamically and it will present in list views in this we are using some modules they are async task and saxparser

And our own server.

Module 2:

  • Locations:-

By using this module user can find the Exact location of the particular shopping mart and the branches of the particular shopping mart.


  • UI designing(User Interface Designing):-

By using this module we can provide better UI to the user for good look and feel in this we use some modules Layouts in XML file.


  • Asynctask:-

This is the module to do the background work for the particular activity.


  • ListViews:-

This is the module to present the data in list view.

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  1. guys, please help me! how change the wifi login form . when we connect the wifi , the web page or my ad will be come. how can i implement this???? and what are the requirements?????!

  2. I’m doing the similar project so can you please help me. I wanna take reference from ypur project. Please send me the documentation and source code if available.

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