Robust Spanning Tree Topology for Data Collection and Dissemination Project Report

ROBUST SPANNING TREE TOPOLOGY FOR DATA COLLECTION AND DISSEMINATION IN DISTRIBUTED ENVIRONMENT Project explains about developing an application which works on spanning tree overlay network. 

In large distributed network systems there will be a lot of data collisions and data failures which will cause robustness of the system.

In order to improve the performance of the system, there needs to be an accurate solution for controlling robustness of the system. Here in this paper, we will explain about using a spanning tree topology.

Spanning tree topology is used in the communication network for disseminating information in the network between one node to all other nodes and also collects information at a single node. 

Shortest path spanning trees and minimum spanning trees are commonly used methods.


  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Survey
  3. Analysis and Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Testing and Debugging
  6. Conclusion
  7.  References / Bibliography 
download  Robust Spanning Tree Topology For Data Collection And Dissemination Project Report.

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