Development of Fire Fighting Robot for Fire Accident Rescue

Fire Fighting Robot For Fire Accidents projects main idea is to develop a application which can detect unexpected fire attacks and take precaution steps to save property, human life. Fire accidents accord mainly when someone is away from house or sleeping so it will be hard to detect fire accidents. So there is need for a application which can detect fire accidents.

In this paper we will explain about prototype system which can autonomously detect and extinguish fire accidents. This application is developed using fuzzy based micro controller controlled robot.

This robot will sense the fire effected area and move through burning oil derrick and stops fire using a blower. This example will show how it works in real scenario.

In this system we are using simple 8051 micro controller, and program is written in c language and written to micro controller.

 SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’

 TOOLS: Small Device C Compiler & Keil uvision.


APPLICATIONS: industries, chemical      laboratories, homes.

ADVANTAGES: Low cost, automated operation,     Low Power consumption.

REFERENCE: The 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by Mazidi.

download  Development Of Fire Fighting Robot For Fire Accident Rescue Project.

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