Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research

Introduction to Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research:

According to Sasha Hurrell (2004) the data collection method is one of the important aspect within the entire research methodology process and it plays a major role in estimating the main search related to the research and it will verify the collected data and the comparable analysis through the actual search against the literature. In general there are two types of data collection methods like the primary source of data and the secondary source of data.

 Primary source of data

The primary source of data is one of the important data collection method and it is been established across to the research methodology. The primary data is collected from the actual source of the problem so it is referred as one of the best data collection method when compared with the other data collection methods as well as the other data sources. In the previous discussion it is been mentioned that the primary source of the information is the actual case study approach. In general the primary source of the information is been gathered conducting the interviews, the general discussions, group meeting and the semi structured interview. In the research process the semi structured interviews are used and the required questionnaires are been prearranged and then they are transferred to the individuals who are taking part in the research process in order to make them to understand the actual research problem and to get the required information.

The information which is been gathered from the individuals in the form of their views and ideas are been considered as the primary data source and these information is been analyzed in order to complete the entire research process and to get the expected outcome. The answers and the ideas which are been proposed by the individuals and the participants is more and more efficient, trustworthy and faultless, as a result this data collection method is referred to as the perfect and useful source of data.

 Secondary source of Information

In order to continue the research process the secondary source of the information is required and to compare the actual search and views which is obtained from the primary source of information with the secondary source of information. In general the secondary source of the data is been gathered by making use of the article, journals, book reviews and the websites. The data and the information gathered from secondary source are compared with the actual sources by means of considering the views and ideas of the individuals involved within the research process from the primary source of information then these entire information is been analyzed to get the expected outcome. 

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