Electrical Transmission Lines Project on Simulation of Extra High Voltage

This paper presents the need for analysis of Electrical Transmission Line parameters in high voltage transmission lines, the electrical transmission systems are mainly classified as low, medium, high voltage transmission lines and recently we using extra high voltage transmission line for electricity transmission over long distances with a reason that we can reduce the power losses while transmitting high voltages.

This paper gives information regarding the recent new technologies in maintenance of EHV transmission lines. Here before us designing an EHV we line a simulation on transmission lined is conducted using MATLAB, to analyze the practical parameters based on the present conditions, these simulation tests helps us to design an perfect extra high voltage long transmission module.

The performance of the electrical transmission network is mainly dependent on the transmission lines of that particular system. The transmission line parameters are administered by series resistance, series capacitance, series inductance, series conductance.

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And these are uniformly distributed over the transmission line and these lines have mainly three types of faults they are Line to ground faults,  line to line fault, double line to ground fault, three phase line to ground fault. So we need to analyze these faults and proper remedies are to be found based on the simulation calculations.

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