Restaurant Management System Servlets, MVC and JDBC Project

Project Aim:

The aim is to create an online reservation system for a restaurant, in addition to providing other resources such as the employee’s portal and a working portal for the particular restaurant.

Scope and objective:

This project will focus on the online booking system, the employee portal, and the creation of a job portal where individuals can search for open positions and release an application to the position they are interested in. It also has a rating where customers are encouraged to post their opinions in the restaurant so that the restaurant can improve its performance according to the ratings.

The environment of the project:

We are developing a web-based app for a restaurant. Using J2EE jsps, mysql aligning in mvc pattern.

Expected site users:

This site can be used by any customer to make a reservation at the restaurant. This site helps the user (manager) make menu changes and update a client’s reservation and can also be used by job seekers in the food industry.

Site Content:

This site has 6 pages of HTML that offer different functionalities. The web pages are named as start, menu and reservations, about us, employee login and job application. The content of each page is explained in the Html section.

A prototype of the web application:

This  Restaurant Management System project has been developed by using  Servlets, MVC, and JDBC.

Download this project source code & Database for reference purpose.

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Restaurant Management System Servlets, MVC and JDBC Project - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance