Campus Assessment System C# or PHP Project Synopsis


The main purpose of this System is to develop a process/ system through which the efficiency of an Institution can be increased by continuous monitoring and assessment of various practices right from academic offerings to infrastructural facilities adopted by the institution.

The main aim of the system is to identify whether the services of the institution under different segments such as Teaching/Learning mechanism, student support services (such as training, placement, career guidance), infrastructural support are in accordance with the expected level of performance. The system further points out the deviations/deficiencies, if any, and suggests possible control measures to bring back the services on the expected level of performance.

This is achieved by gathering opinions/feedback from the stakeholders of the system such as heads of departments, teacher, and student. The opinion/feedback of the stakeholders is taken through carefully designed questionnaires in the form of a survey. The opinion is taken in terms of performance indicators against each of the services offered by the institution. The results of the survey are analyzed and accordingly, summary reports and on-demand reports are generated to help management of the institution to improve and standardize the entire process and practices being adopted by the institution. The surveys can be based on any kind of questionnaires like

  • Surveys based on student performance
  • Surveys based on faculty Performance
  • Surveys based on career guidance & placement
  • Surveys based on campus Infrastructure and allied facilities

This application can be used as Intranet / Internet Application. Using intranet HODs can post the queries and their related options on the site. The authentication for both student and faculty is provided in this system. Any authenticated user can log in and post the views, feedbacks, and suggestions for consideration.

When it comes to the student, depending on the queries one can choose the options. Depending on the knowledge provided the HODs will be able to analyze and take a precise decision.

The system further maintains an address book containing the email ids and contact details of all the students, faculty members, and other staff members so that they can be contacted as and when needed.


  • HOD
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Admin
  • Reports

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:

  • Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
  • Language: C# and ASP
  • Framework: .Net
  • Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • It can also be done in Php, MySql as back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Core processor
  • RAM 4GB and Above
  • HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
  • 64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above 


The given requirements are defined below.

  1. Internal campus assessment Application system should have the Login screen. By this feature the Faculty / Student enters into the system.
  2. A login box should appear to the Faculty / Student, when the system is invoked.
  3. The logins are assigned by the Administrator only, not by the other users of the system.
  4. The System should display proper error messages in case of an error.
  5. The System should enable the user to Logout. This feature ensures the security of the application such that no more transactions can be carried out, once user logs out.
  6. The application must adhere to usability and interoperability norms so that system can be more user friendly by virtue of providing necessary screens and navigations.


Description of what features are in the scope and out of the scope of the Project.

In Scope

  1. Internal campus assessment system should have the login screen, by this feature the HOD /Faculty Student / Administrator enters into the system.
  2. The logins are assigned by the administrator only, for various user types as Faculty, Student and Departmental-heads.
  3. Validation of users and based on user type giving different user interfaces.
  4. Allocation of users to system by Administrator.
  5. Survey Entry provision must be with the Administrator.
  6. Generation of different reports based on the survey.
  7. When the Survey Entries are made by the Admin and when the Faculty/ student logs into the system they must be able to see different surveys that can be attempted by them.
  8. Head of the Department must be able to view the reports in different formats.
  9. Administrator must be able to enter the master data related to sections, sub-sections, Academic years and so on.
  10. Also the process of mapping the Survey to Section must be in Administrator login.

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