Mini Project on Agile Project Management System


To know how many action items can be completed in each sprint, which helps in reducing the time taken to finish the given project.


In this management system, the users can create projects in which the stories, sprints and action items can be created or updated respectively. Here stories represent the overview of the project, action items represent the procedural flow of the story, sprints indicates the time interval in which the action items can be completed.


• User
• System


1. Authorized users login into the application.
2. The user selects from the list of projects.
3. The user creates or updates the story.
4. The user creates the action items for the selected story.
5. The user creates sprints by using required action items.


• The changes done in the project by the user are updated in the database and are saved for a future purpose, validates the user.

Use Case Diagram:

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