Color Hunt Game Simple Java Project


Color hunt is an entertaining mind game that consists of letters with different colors arranged randomly on them.
In this game, we mention a statement of a precise color and letter, which we’re supposed to click in the block box fastly.
We need to click on the exact color which has been mentioned and the statement immediately keeps changing.

We may have one or many of the same colors with either the same letter or different letters.

If in case we don’t click on the mentioned block, we lose a point because we have Time Limit mentioned

The theme of the Game:

Basically, the color hunt is an application that is applicable only to Android Smartphones.
In this game, we get a statement that mentions the color and letter to be identified, and we’re supposed to click on them in the below blocks.
We may have letters with different colors or the same colors. Depending upon the statement, we must click.

We also have one or more than one block of the mentioned statement, we should make sure that we click on all of them within the time limit.
It consists of Different levels. Each with a time limit decreased.
The statement stays only for 15 seconds and we must click within the time.
If not, we will lose a Point.

Project Output:

System Requirements:

Language: Java
Technology: Java Technology
IDE: Eclipse / Netbeans
Operating System: Windows 7, XP, and any other windows version.

Hardware Requirements:


RAM:  612 MB (Approximately)


Basically, Color Hunt is just like a Brain Activity.
It is one of the Mindgames which works on speeding up your Thought Process.
It is also a fun game!

Here you can freely Download this Color Hunt Gaming Java Project Source Code, project documentation, PPT

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