Research Paper on Voice over Internet Protocol

It is the technology that provides the user facility to make call over the internet without the use of any cell phone or any landline. It has many benefits such as it is cheaper, we can make long distance phone call and receive email amd voice message. It had come into vital use in the recent years because of its very good feature. VoIP converts the analog signal of the phoento the digital signal which is transmitted over the internet.

It is useful to make the phone call free by using some software. It uses ATA (analog telephone adaptor) that allow mobile phone to connect to the computer and then to the internet. IP phone are those which have hardware that can directly connect to the internet.  Computer to computer communication which is the easiest one. Many computers can connect to each other over a long distance over the internet. It is very fast one and based on DSL connection. It is free because there is no charge of this type of communication.

Circuit switching: – It is very old technology in which the connection is made between two points for communication and this connection is called circuit. Suppose you have talk to the person for 5min then the circuit will remain open till the call is cut and as soon as the call is cut the circuit will be closed.

Pocket switching: – in this user can make call by using the internet. In this only the half circuit is come in use like at the of call one is speaking and the other is listening. Circuit connection are not used by data packets, they simply send and receive data according to out need. If we maintain constant connection with internet the speed of the internet will slower.

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