Design & Execution of Hydraulic Operated Fixture Mech Project Documentation

The HMT machine is the foremost machine tool in the world for constructing houses in Bangalore. The HMT generates products such as general purpose machines, special purpose machines, wrist watches, lamps, and tractors.

 In this Design & Execution of Hydraulic Operated Fixture Project, HMT has described the detailed information on gears. Gear is common word for a mechanical plan and the work is signified by prepared adjective like the steering gears. There are different kinds of gears like spur gear, helical gears, double helical gears, crossed helical gears, parallel helical gears, and straight bevel gears.

 Some of the applications of gear are turbine driving generator, motor driving generator, aircraft, general purpose drives; aircraft gear drives, automotive drive gears, marine gears, railway gears, tractors, agitators, electric motors, blowers, compressor, and elevators.

 The grinding wheel is selected based on the following variables namely abrasive, grit size, and grade or hardness and structure. The tooth grinding of gears is divided into two important processes. They are generative grinding and form grinding.

 To choose the best concept of generating gears, the size of batch and accuracy should be considered. There are two methods present are finish machining of gears in after heat and green states.


 Gears are created by many processes such as casting, powder metallurgy, machining, stamping, and extruding. As a result, the machining process is the concept of mass generation of the great quality gears. The gears are made by form cutter method, generation method, and production of gears with the help of dies to make the process.

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