TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices with Password protection

The main aim of this project is to control the computer system using TV remote in a secure way (password enabled). This system also controls the electrical devices connected to the same system. Instead of using mouse, one can use the TV remote from certain distance. This remote can perform all the functions that mouse carries like, Left-click, Right-click and movement of the cursor etc. This facilitates user to open or close any documents, control music system, Google application control etc. User can also use Internet service using on-screen keyboard application which is default with windows.

This system makes use of electromechanical switch called Relay to which the appliance to be controlled is connected. This switch is interfaced to the Microcontroller. The Microcontroller controls this switch according to the input it gets from the IR receiver.

This system consists of an IR receiver that receives the Infrared signals from the TV remote. These signals are fed as input to Microcontroller which processes them and the commands specific to PC operation are sent to the application running inside the computer. The communication between the microcontroller and PC is done by the use of Serial RS232 communication. By using this we can operate any software in computer system like windows media player, browser and etc… To achieve this task, the Microcontroller is programmed with intelligent software written using Embedded C language.

The objectives of the project include: 

  1. Wireless PC control.
  2. Control electrical appliances with TV remote.
  3. Secure way of PC control.
  4. Password enabled control.

This project focuses on the following advancements: 

  1. IR technology.
  2. Mouse control using software.
  3. Conversion of AC supply to DC supply.
  4. Microcontroller and serial port interface.
  5. Embedded C programming.
  6. PCB design.
  7. High voltage devices operation using microcontroller.

The major building blocks of this project are: 

  1. Regulated Power Supply.
  2. IR Receiver.
  3. Micro Controller
  4. Crystal oscillator.
  5. Reset.
  6. MAX 232.
  7. LED Indicators
  8. Electromagnetic Relay with driver. 

Software’s used: 

  1. PIC-C compiler for Embedded C programming.
  2. PIC kit 2 programmer for dumping code into Micro controller.
  3.  Express SCH for Circuit design.
  4. Proteus for hardware simulation.
  5. PC with application 

Regulated Power Supply:

 TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices Regulated Power Supply

Block diagram:

TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices with Block Diagram

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