Questions & Answers on Network Security

This article Provides the Topic based Question on various topic as follows:-

  1. Network Security.
  2. Advanced Data Structure.
  3. Dbms &
  4. Uml. 

This Question provides a Such type of Questions Which can be referred for detail knowledge purpose and also for the one who wants to get well prepared for an interview on the above given topics.

Each & every topic and Content gets covered in the given questions & answers. Detailed Info is mentioned in it.

Network Security Topic contains Concept like:-

  1. Architecture.
  2. Resources.
  3. Organization’s Security.
  4. Remote Access.
  5. Wireless Infrastructures.
  6. Backup policy plan etc…

Advanced Data Structure Topic Contains concept like:-

  1. Algorithms.
  2. Network & hierarchical data Model.
  3. Spanning Tree.
  4. Realloc() & free()
  5. Hashing Functions etc… 

DBMS Topic Contains concept like:-

  1. Database connections.
  2. Relations.
  3. Advantages & dis-advantages.
  4. Types of Schema.
  5. Types of DBMS languages etc…

UML Topic Contains concept like:-

  1. Types of Uml.
  2. Advantages of Uml.
  3. SDLC.
  4. Relations & Building blocks of UML etc…

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