Computational Photography Project Ideas

It connects abounding computing, sensors, latest faculties etc… and smart lights for decampment of the limitations of historic film cameras and allows novel imaging applications.

Computational photography amplifies digital photography by providing the ability to perform the records much more information and by giving the chances of processing this information a while later. 

There is also another way for the computational photography known as Traditional Film Photography. This Type of photography symbolizes an image in 2D Pixels. There are also some limitations of this like partial representation of an image. 

The designation was first used by Steve Mann to mention his own research. Photography for the 3D Pixels are under Design till date.

Images can also be transferred from analog to digital. So today’s High MP cameras keep celerity for the analog film. 

There are four elements of Computational Photography:-

  1. Generalized Optics.
  2. Generalized Sensor.
  3. Processing, and
  4. Generalized Illumination. 

Generalized Optics: It corresponds to SAMP Camera and Camera Array SAMP Camera is Single Axis Multiple Parameters camera. It has multiple parameters in a single axis camera. Parameters change in focus, exposure, and aperture.

Generalized Sensor: It corresponds to decency sensing. Gradient sensing camera Sensing alteration between Neighboring Pixels. HD Pixel alters with regionally adjusting achievements.

Processing: It mainly consists of image mixture. Different view of same picture is taken by same camera by changing few parameters of the camera. And these images are flux together to form a new real world capture.

Generalized Illumination: It can be expressed in heterogeneous class brightness, and is a new latest method. It consists of a glossy commencement, also called programmability brightness.


Computational photography is an enlargement of digital photography. It gives the ability to perform the record much more information and gives the chances of processing this information later. The main thing computational image process concerned about is the establishment method of image that includes digital Pc’s. Computational imaging techniques are mainly mentioned in computational photography.

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