Questioner to MBA Marketing Managers in Health Care Management

 Questioner to Marketing Managers

  1. What are the special offers in your hospital regarding Knee replacement surgeries? 
  1. Who do you considers as your primary competitors? 
  1. Do you have medical tourists in your hospital for knee replacement surgeries? 
  1. What is the average number of patients opt towards the knee replacement surgeries? 
  1. What special equipment you use to make these surgeries successful? 
  1. How to attract the foreign patients towards your hospitals? 
  1. How do you promote the medical tourism of your hospital with respect to knee replacement surgeries? 
  1. What the common countries you target to attract the foreign patients? 
  1. How do you compare yourself with others while attracting the foreign patients? 
  1. What are the prices you offer for the services provided at your hospital? 
  1. What better promotional strategies can be followed in future to attract more patients towards your hospital?

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