Examining the Marketing Strategies for Two Private Academic Institutions in India

Higher education marketing has a significant role these days and most of the private academic institutions are adopting lot of latest and traditional marketing strategies to gain the enrolments and achieve the competitive advantage.

The main aim of this Examining the Marketing Strategies for Two Private Academic Institutions in India MBA project is to evaluate the role of market segmentation, market positioning and market mix against the student enrolments across two private academic institutions in India. A qualitative research methodology is adopted to proceed with this research and two engineering collages are considered as the case study and they are ANURAG Science and Technology center and SHADHAN engineering collage.

The key respondents considered in this research are the administrative officers and the marketing heads from both the collages and the key size is 4 and a separate questionnaire is prepared for both the respondents and the key findings are analyzed to answer the research questions identified at the introduction chapter. A semi structured interview is conducted with the respondents and the main intention in gathering the required primary information is to evaluate the role of marketing segmentation, market positioning and the market mix against the student enrolments at their institutions and also the key marketing strategies they are using are evaluated against the latest and the traditional marketing strategies.

From the key findings it is clear that across Indian private academic institutions the role of traditional marketing strategies is more when compared to the latest marketing strategies like internet marketing and online marketing strategies. When the market segmentation is considered the main strategy being used by most of the Indian private academic institutions is that they are categorizing the complete market based on the level of courses they are offering and also they are using the interest of the students towards the subject level aspects as the main input to segment the market.

As per the findings it is clear that, market positioning is not playing a great role across the marketing strategies and fetching up the student enrolments when compared to the market segmentation and in future they can concentrate on these aspects to gain more enrolments. 

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