MBA Assignment on Strategic Marketing Management

MBA Assignment: 

Select a company of your choice. (You are allowed to select either SME or large scale organization. Based on the organization, you could be either be CEO or Head of Division), Analyze how leadership impact on the strategic objectives of the selected company. Literature should be used to justify the theoretical model of leadership. Suggest & Evaluate the leadership development program for the Company.

Task 01:-

Critically analyze the link between strategic management and leadership in the selected company. Critically analyze how leadership impact on meeting strategic objectives. Analyze the different leadership style with examples which impact on the strategic decision making. 

Task 02:-

Review a range of management and leadership theories and models, with the emphasis on current thinking.

Focus on three different theories to illustrate, understanding in the context of the selected organization. 

Task 03:-

Asses the current and future leadership requirements to meet the challenges of a specific situation. Illustrate how strategic manager/CEO could develop the future leaders in the organization.

You are writing a survey on business ethics that will appear as a series of articles for a business journal 

Task 1- article 1:-

Produce a discussion, illustrated with examples of some of the underpinning ethical ideas that apply to businesses in which you: 

  • Explain deontological and teleological theories with reference to their philosophical antecedents

Task 2: Article 2:-

Produce an account, illustrated with examples from the business context, in which you discuss the role of the company as moral agent

  • Explain the need for organisations to deserve the public  interest and development of trusting relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Evaluate the range of competing business objectives and limitations of short-termism 

Task 3: article 3:-

  • Analyse the development of mechanisms within organisations for achieving employee involvement and empowerment.
  • Describe the critical ethical assumptions/ values shown by a selected organisation relating to a current business issue.
  • Recommend actions that an organisation might make in the light of the ethical analysis undertaken focusing particularly on business objectives and employer/employee relations.

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