Human Resource Management System PHP & MySQL Web Application Project

The HR Management System is a simple academic web-based mini-project created with PHP & MySQL databases. The primary goal of this Human Resource Management System PHP project is to build a web application that helps the organization manages its human resources.

There will be the main module named the project module in the human resource management system application. It Records of all employees in the organization are stored in the application MySQL backend along with their skills and abilities. When a new company-based project is assigned to an employee team, the project module creates a new file. Details of project team members and the estimated completion date of the project or deadline will be set.

The project manager in the application should update the assessment of team members in the application. This rating is used by the application to make recommendations for promotions. The final decision on employee future promotions is made by the senior manager.

The second module of the application is the hiring module that can be used in the new employee hiring process in the company. This module provides information on future projects and progress in current projects, based on which it predicts the demand for talent.

The third and final module of the application is the Employees module, it will be available to all the employees to view their salaries and permitted leave details. Using this HRMS web application, all employees can easily check the information and ask questions at any time on the Human Resource Management System page. Top management can also use this system to access employee records and performance statistics of the employees to improve the organization’s standards.

HRMS Project

Download Human Resource Management System PHP & MySQL Web application mini project. This project was developed with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.

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