Sports Event Management System Java Project


The sports event management system is a project where students can find the details of various games and the information of the college where the games are being conducted. Admin will add all the collected information in the project where students can see and get register for the game.

Existing System:

In the existing Sports Event Management system, students are not able to get proper information about the games conducted in various colleges. The student needs to spend the time to get the information about the game. The student should attend the venue to get registered for the game which takes a lot of time.

Proposed System:

In the proposed Sports Event Management system student can get all the information of various games and the venue. The student can get registered from anywhere and at any time. By using this system student can save a lot of time and effort. The student can easily get the information from anywhere.



Admin will get log in with a unique username and password. Admin will add all the information of the games conducted in various colleges. Admin will send the password to the student registered email.


The user can view all the details of the games and can get registered with the selected game by entering all the details in the registration form. The user will get a confirmation password to his email.


Processor: Pentium IV
Hard Disk: 40GB or more
RAM: 512MB or more


Operating System: Windows (Any version)
User Interface : HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting : JavaScript
Programming Language: Java
IDE/Workbench : NetBeans 8.1
Database: MySQL
Server Deployment: Tomcat 8.0


“Sports Event Management System” project which helps students to save a lot of time in searching for games being conducted in various colleges. Our project provides students to get register from anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Learning Environment Java Project


Virtual learning environment is a project which is developed to provide support in the  academic administration, teaching and research using the internet, particularly in the world wide web. Visual  learning is a  form of e-learning that allows the interaction between teachers and students. This project provides various kinds of activities to students by introducing tutors and learners.

This project allows students to get information of the courses in a very easy and quick way. This project also maintains good interaction between parents and teachers. This project allows the potential for new ways of learning and teaching such as active and independent learning which make use of online communication, online assessment and collaborative learning such independent learning still needs to be guided and supported.



Admin gets login with valid username and password. Admin will upload all the details in the application like course details, syllabus details, fee details, parents and students queries ,professor details and payment details.


Students should register and can login by entering a valid username and password. Student can view all the college information details, fee details, course details and can post queries and feedback.


Professor gets login with valid username and password. Professor can view all the details of the students and their queries. Professor can give reply to the students queries.

Software Requirements:

  • Language : Java
  • Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
  • Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
  • Database : MYSQL
  • Scripting : JavaScript
  • Browser : IE 6.0/ Mozilla
  • Operating System : Windows/Linux


Our project visual learning environment has been successful in making a good interaction between parents and teachers.

Feedback Analysis of Interview Java Project


Feedback analysis of interview is an application which provides an easy way to analyze the interview process in college. In this application all the details of new companies will be added. So that, students can easily finds the details of the companies. Seniors will add questions with answers which can guide their juniors for their interviews. This Feedback Analysis of Interview application allows seniors and juniors an easy way to prepare for the interview. Faculty can view all the questions added by seniors and they can make modification if necessary. In this application faculty, seniors and juniors can share question regarding the interview.

Existing System:

In the existing system students have no proper details about various companies. It is very default to collect all the details of companies and store the details. Students have no information about the questions asked in the interview. They need a direct communication with their seniors and faculty which is not possible every time. Even the collected data may be mislaid or misplaced sometime.

Proposed System:

The proposed Feedback Analysis of Interview provides all the services online available to all the students and faculty. Student can view all the information about the companies and the related questions asked in the interview. This provides an updated system which provides information about questions and answers asked in the interview. Seniors, juniors and faculty can view the details of the questions and company details.



Admin can get login with a valid username and password. Admin will add new companies in the application.


This module need to get register with the application and can get login with a unique username and password. Senior will add new questions in the application and view the questions.


Junior can register and login by entering unique username and password. Junior can view all the companies added by admin.


Faculty need to register by entering all the details and get login by entering a valid username and password. Faculty can view all the questions added by senior and make modifications if needed.

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows
Application Server : Tomcat
Front End : HTML, Java, Jsp
Scripts : JavaScript.
Server side Script : Java Server Pages.
Database : Mysql
Database Connectivity : JDBC.


Our project feedback analysis of interview provides an easy way to view the details of the companies and learn the frequently asked questions in the interviews. Students can save their time in searching the interview questions and prepare for the interview. They can view details of the companies by just one click which saves lot of time.

HR Consultants Project Synopsis


1. A brief overview of the HR Consultants:

To develop a HR Consultants management system, to take care of job searching for applicants and applicants searching for company people.

The current manual system is slow laborious and error prone to computerize the same for quicker efficient results.

2. Advantages to the job seekers, Company People:

The proposed system is useful to both Applicants while searching a job and company people while selecting employees. This system is very fast as compared to manual system.

This HR Consultants Project contains six parts.

1.Putting Resume in the Applicants Database (XML) by a New applicant
2.Inserting the details of a New Job Requirement in the Jobs Database By a Company Authorized Persons
3.Searching A Suitable Applicant by Company Authorized Persons
4.Searching A Job By Applicant
5.Deleting the applicant
6.Deleting the job

In the first part of HR Consultants application, when we click the “Insert resume of an applicant” hyperlink, the Applicant detail page will be displayed. Now applicants can register their details. After registering, the details will store in an XML file and they will be given one Unique Id i.e Applicant-id. The Applicant-id can be used for further use like for deletion of the Applicant’s resume by clicking the “Delete” button in the home page. This Deletion option will be explained later.

In the second part, when the user clicks the “Insert a new job” hyperlink, the details of the job requirement page of the Company will be displayed. Only few personals of the company will be authorised to access this job requirement page only by entering specific username and password. If an incorrect username or password is given, the job requirement page cannot be accessed and the server will prompt again for correct username and password at the most for three times. After the three attempts, the server will reject the request.

Upon entering the correct username and password the company personals can enter the detailed requirements for their company in this page. These requirements are stored in the Database (i.e xml file, “jobs.xml”).For each unique job requirement a unique job identification is allocated i.e Job-id will be generated automatically. The job-id can further be used for the deletion of the job after job requirements are fulfilled by clicking the “Delete” button in the options page. This Deletion option will be explained later. Here we use xml as backend, instead of using RDBMS which increases application speed and decreases cost when compared to RDBMS.

In the third part, when the user clicks the “search an applicant” hyperlink, the details of the skilled area and experience page of the applicant will be displayed. After entering the details and submitting the details, it prompt for the username and password. Only few personals of the company will be authorised to access this job requirement page only by entering specific username and password. If an incorrect username or password is given, the applicant search page cannot be accessed and the server will prompt again for correct username and password at the most for three times. After the three attempts, the server will reject the request. After entering correct username and password, the list of the applicants who meet the requirement can be displayed.

In the fourth part, when the user clicks ” Search A Job “, the details of the skilled area of the Applicant, the list of companies who have requirement will be displayed by searching from the database. This will work as a search engine for jobs. Then the applicants can apply for the available job.

In the fifth part, The Applicant can delete their resume from the database by just entering the applicant-id (generated while registering resume in the option1) when the applicant doesn’t require the job. This delete option is in the home page.

In the sixth part, The Company persons can delete the job requirement of the company from the database by just entering the job-id (generated while registering the job in a company in the option2) when the company fullfills requirement of the job. This delete option is in the home page.

The HR Consultants Services project has been divided into two modules. They are:

1. Applicants
2. Company

1) Applicants

This module consists of the following sub modules viz.
1. Putting Resume in the Applicants Database
2. Searching a Job by Applicant
3. Deleting the applicant

2) Company

This module is divided into four sub modules. They are
1. Inserting the details of a New Job in the Jobs Database
2. Searching a Suitable Applicant
3. Deleting the job

Software Requirements:

Operating system : Windows XP
Language : JAVA
Database : Oracle
Server : Tomcat/Weblogic
Tool : Net Beans/Eclipse


The need for the HR Consultancy to computerize the application processing and servicing the customer request through automated modules is most necessary and now inevitable.

As we have already seen that the need cannot be emphasized further the develop of this system is only timely and helpful to any HR corporate company, the system defined in the above script is up to date and caters to all kinds of request faced by the telecom industries , being developed in java it is also flexible modularized highly parameterized and hence can be easily deployed by any other application because of its componentized approach.

Based on the various parameters and properties files everything from the look and feel to the functionalities can be customized.

Results Through Emails Java Project


  • Introduction
  • Existing system and proposed system
  • Software components
  • Hardware components
  • Advantages

Results Through Emails (Entasi free)

The word entasi came from Greek origin which means tension and the name of the website gives the meaning tension free. The idea of this Results Through Emails website entasi free came into existence due to the problem faced by the students during the time of results. Generally, all the students face the problem in checking their results as soon as they are kept on portal.

Because the server gets bulk login requests and it just breaks down. The one click solution to this problem is our website entasi free which enables the students to get the results through email. Here the email id’s of the students are linked with the website as soon as the administrator logins and submit the details the mails are sent to the respective email id’s.

Existing System

Results are checked in the Results Through Emails website which is a very time consuming process.

Proposed System

Make the way easy application where results are directly send to the students mail id with out wasting time.


  • We use HTML(hyper text markup language) in order to create the web pages
  • And these web pages linked using the code written in java
  • We use my SQL database in order to store the data like student roll numbers, email-id’s and results


  • The hardware components used in order to create the website are as follows
  •  computer with 2GB RAM
  • Internet
  • External hard drives and DVD’s for backup
  • And a server computer



The admin of the website logins into the website and after authentication he will go with updating the database with new results. After the process of altering the database and updating it the admin further proceeds in sending the results to the students through e-mails.

Description About The User Actions

The user just registers into the website by giving his mail id and later on there is no direct interaction of the user with the website. The results are directly sent to their mail-id’s and then the students login into their mail-id’s and check the results and send the feedback.

Sequence diagram when student is checking the result


User(student) registers into the website by giving his mail-id admin verifies the user and validate his account. Admin then send them results through mails.

Sequence Model


The admin logins and authenticates then the db class verifies the user and grants the permission to access it. Later, he can alter and update the results and send them to students through mails.


This website can be used by the universities in order to release the semester results.



Student’s registration form

Sending An Email:

Free Flow Resource Allocation and Tracking System

Free flow resource allocation and tracking is a web based application proposed to facilitate day-today work allocation in an organization. This Resource Allocation application is more relevant like a project planning tool is used to affect the project plan including a plurality of tasks to be performed by the users in accordance with respective time schedules. This application used to monitor the performance of the individuals and teams.

This application ensures the user that the work is assigned to the resources without any delay or faults. The network is configured for translating the project plan into the master database to affect an assignments table including a list of project tasks assigned for completion by each of the users.

This Resource Allocation and Tracking project is periodically prepared in the master database from the assignments table and include list of the project tasks assigned to a respective user and a time record for recording time entries therein. Actual time expended in performing the tasks is fed back to the project plan for managing completion of the tasks in accordance with the time schedules.

Assign the project into various teams. It maintains the daily reports of the individuals. Increased visibility into actual time spent on tasks and projects.


  • Free Flow resource allocation and tracking is used for maintaining the performance of the individuals and teams
  • Used to maintain the details of project and the users involved in the project
  • Used to assign project to various teams and team members
  • Generates various reports
  • Project and its various tasks are assigned to teams and team members
  • Projects and its tasks are assigned by the team lead/project managers to the team members based on their experience

Express Courier System Java Project

3 Main Modules ( Players / Users ) included in this Express Courier System Java Project.

  1. Administrator
  2. Staff
  3. Customer

Administrator Functionality

1. Login
2. Change Password
3. View / Add / Edit /Delete Staff
4. Add / Edit / Delete New Location ( Location, Route (via points), Price Per Kg)
5. View Bookings By Date
6. Logout

Staff Functionality

1. Login ( using login credentials given by the administrator )
2. Change Password ( after login change password for security reasons)
3. Book parcel
4. Track Parcel By Booking ID
5. Change Location ( location of the parcel, system will trigger an SMS internally to the sender)
6. Enquiries (View and Reply)
7. Upload Promotions/ Delete Promotions
8. Logout

Customer Functionality

1. Tracking Parcel By Booking Id
2. Booking Details By Booking Id
3. View Promotions
4. View Rates Based on Destination and Weight

Technologies For Implementation

Programming Language : JAVA
Database : MySql

Hospice Dossier Control Java Project


Hospice dossier control is a project developed to provide care for sick and terminally ill people at  anytime irrespective of their location. Hospice dossier control project provides service to people in remote locations also. Mainly this project works effectively in securely storing the documents of a particular person or the service provided by the organization.


Hospice dossier is a web application which  provides essential medical service to the users available all the time and setting aside their location. Users can get all the services of the hospice dossier control by getting registered to the website. Users ones registered can use this service from anywhere.

Users can connect through their home internet or approach any nearby kiosk to get these services. Users are provided the details of locations where the medical services. By this users can approach the location and get the service.

Hospice dossier allows the use online medical services and allow the users to interact with the doctors and get the advices regarding their need. This application allows users to register a complaint if there is any wrong medication or lab report. All the complaints or feedbacks will be received by the admin and forwarded to the doctor to get the response.


The main objective of this project is to overcome all the problems of the people regarding the  medical service. To provide doctors or suggestions to the people even in remote locations. To provide all time service to the patients in need.


Administrator module:

Administrator regularly takes back up of all kinds of data. Administrator can view the log information. Administrator also generates system reports. Administrator also provides online help manual for patients.

Doctors module:

A doctor must register with the system. Doctor’s can manage their profiles. Doctor’s give appointments to patients, e-prescriptions, and view patient’s history. Doctor can interact with patient using live chat.

Patient module:

A patient must register with the system. Patients can make online appointment, view their previous health records and doctor’s prescriptions. Patients can manage their profiles. Patient can interact with doctor using live chat.

 Kiosk module:

Kiosk Manager views and adjusts appointments, performs day open and close activities and calculates his commission.

Software Requirements :

Programming Language                        :           Java 6.0

Web based Technologies                       :           Servlets, JSP

Backend Database                                 :           Oracle 9i

Operating System                                  :           Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX

Web Server                                            :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

Reckoning Inquisitors Java Project


Reckoning Inquisitors is an java application which provides an effective and easy way of conducting online examinations. This application acts as an excellent test management system that provides a complete solution for Computer Based Test.


Reckoning Inquisitors is an effective system which is completely computerized. This is an online process which the user of this application can conduct examination  for the employees of an organization or any other work station with large number of pupils in an effective manner without any confusion.

This application is even used in academic institutions and training centers. This system provides the user to maintain the received data or records in a secured way. This is an excellent application which  gives accurate results without any duplications that saves the time of the user. All the information about exams conducted, score reports and the records of pupil are maintained by this application.

This application enables fast evaluation of pupils skills and abilities. This application is completely computerized system which removes the drawbacks of the existing system and maintains clear data. This application provides the user a very simple way of exam which can be conducted with negative marking and even without negative marking.


The main objective of this system is to develop an effective  system that is used to conduct online test based on various domain and functional areas. By this system the test can be conducted and evaluates easily in a computerized way. To provide a safe and secure database.


Administrator Module:

This module provides admin related functionalities. In this module administrator can view, add, delete and edit questions in the question bank. Administrator may allow or ban the users. Administrator may view the details of all tests and also the results. Administrator can generate the appropriate reports.

User Module: 

A user must be registered to use the services. A user can enroll for an exam on ones chosen subject and domain. The user can give their opinion on  negative marks. The user can view the result of a test immediately after completion of the examination and also view the results of tests one has taken previously. A user is allowed to edit ones profile.

Test Module:

Test module allows the candidate to take the test by choosing a subject of interest. Questions will be generated randomly from the database. To answer each question one minute of time will is given. If the question is not answered in time, then automatically it will skip the present question and goes to the next question. It evaluates the test finally by taking negative & non-negative marking into consideration and displays the result.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                         :           MySQL 5.0

Safe Internet – Internet Content Filtering tool Project


Safe Internet is an Internet Content Filtering tool that can primarily be used to keep the teenage Internet browsing risk free.  The complete features of the tool are listed below.

  1. Block websites
    2. Block Web Pages that contains inappropriate contents on the fly.
    3. Website redirection
    4. Proxy service
    5. Report Generator etc.

The Safe internet is a browser free application so that it will work with any web browser like IE, Mozilla, and Opera etc. The application will monitor the downloading contents as well as the uploading contents.


Safe Internet can be used as a parental control solution that helps parents protect their children and monitor their Internet use. This can also be used in corporate environment to reduce the Internet Slacking.


The Internet Content Filtering tool project Safe Internet can developed using Java. The application has the same working principles of a proxy server. The Safe Internet plus programme aims to promote safer use of the Internet and new online technologies, particularly for children, and to fight against illegal content and content unwanted by the end-user.


In Existing system there is no facility to block the Web Pages and website directly. To recharge your mobile or you need to go particular website to do such actions.


Here we proposed a Internet Content Filtering tool system which contains to block any websites or Web Pages directly with a small operation. And also there is registration for users. By this registration the user can recharge their mobile phones or DTH directly from our application.


There are two Modules in our application

  1. Admin
  2. User


In this module admin can block the websites or Web Pages directly by some login. And the admin can view the users who are using our application.


Here in this module user contains a small registration which gives some login id and password. By using that login id and password user can use this application. On user side user can view their profile, recharge their mobile, DTH, etc.., and the user has a right to change their password.


  • Application Server           :   0/6.X
  • Front End :   HTML, Java, Jsp
  • Database :  Oracle10g