Online Authentication System C++ Project


The main aim of this online authentication System C++ Project is to improve the Privacy of the accounts on Open Source Platforms. In this project, we will be designing a C++ code for checking the authenticity of users access to online documents. This application was developed with Object-Oriented concepts.


To design a C++ code that allows only authenticated users to access an online document sent to him/her.

Process Involved

The program includes functions for accepting the required details of users as follows.


Explanation of the functions used

The functions which were highlighted earlier are used to get the required details of the user before his/her access to the documents. In this program, the details will be obtained during the execution of the program. However, we would be storing the details of the individuals in files. The user will be asked to answer a few random questions based on the above-mentioned details already available in the database.


If the details entered by the user match with the previously saved details he/she shall be allowed access rights otherwise not.

Download the online authentication project code, PPT

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