College Search Engine Project using File Management in C++


This is a simple file management-based search engine using C++ and some Graphics that gives you the details about your University like University Info, Faculty information, Student Fee payment information, etc.

It gives you details such as the admission process, hostels, courses offered, and different activities conducted by the university.


  • Basically, the function is used to set the cursor position on consol using x and y coordinates.
  • The function is used to flush the can flush all the buffer from the stream.
    Basically, it is used to clear a consol.
  • The function is used to delay the output on the console by providing according to values.
  • The function is used to provide a sound effect on the console according to provided arguments.

 Search Engine File Management


We got this motivation as we wanted to explore how a search engine can be managed without database management.

We explored different ways of creating a search engine and then we decided to make it using file management.


  • Researching information on University
  • Admission regarding queries
  • Precise information from the source


  • Stemming algorithm
  • Colorful backgrounds and Graphics
  • Screen resolution (Formatting gets unsettled)
  • Linking of HTML with C++


  • As we have finished this College Search Engine project, we have got a better understanding of the inner workings of a search engine using files.
  • We have known more about the use of graphics in C++.
  • Debugging and file management knowledge have increased along with concepts such as inheritance, constructor, and destructor.

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