Payroll Management System C++ Project


  • Manage Employee Information efficiently.
  • Define earnings, deductions, leave, etc.
  • Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a click.
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  • Manage your own Security.


Software Requirements

Operating system:   Windows XP or Later versions of windows

IDE:    Dev C++

Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium core or later versions

 Hard Disc: 120GB

RAM: 256 MB or More 



Admin Login Module

Here in this module call, the user is prompted to enter the login credentials. The Login Module is a portal that allows users to type a username and password to log in. This module is no longer available to users after they have logged in. The Login Module appears to users next to the introduction module.

Data Entry Module

After you selected data entry from the main menu you land on this screen. In this module, the Data of the employee are inserted. The Fields required here are Name, Id of the employee, Designation, Age, Years of experience, No. of working hours,  Loan Status if any.

All the required data is processed and the salary, earnings, and deductions of the employee are calculated and finally stored in the files for permanent storage.

Storing and Retrieving Data Records Module

Records of all the employees are to be maintained and the records are stored in Files and the information is retrieved from the files. All the Records are separated by new lines, and each field of an individual record is separated by a ‘tab’. 



The main function is executed first and the control the followed by code.

The function ‘intro()’ got executed and the welcome message is displayed when the user proceeds to the next step by pressing any key.


The user is prompted with a login screen here and a user with valid credentials can have the access to the software.


 After the user with the valid credentials logs in, the data of previous employee records are retrieved.


After the user with the valid credentials logged in and successful retrieval, the user land on the home screen (the Main menu), and based on the choice of the user he lands on the requested screen.


After the job is done, all the modified or created data is stored in the files and the software is successfully exited.


  • Continuous tracking of their activities within the company of every employee can be provided with their individual login credentials.
  • Auto updates of the details like bank loan updates can be provided.
  • Administration control over the software is to be improved.

Ex: Administration can able to add the employee credentials such that the employee can know their status and companies administration legally.

  • Databases can be used for easier and more efficient access.
  • The proposed system is capable of handling only 100 employee records and can be improved.

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