C++ OOPs Mini Project on Library Management System

The Design & Development of the Computer Science investigatory project on the Library Management System using C++ OOPs Concepts Project for the academic students.


First and foremost, I thank god for having given me the strength and courage for the successful completion of this Library Management System project work.
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the college principal who has provided me with well-equipped labs.
I wish to express my deep and profound sense of gratitude to my Computer Science guide for having given me valuable support, encouragement, and assistance in producing a successful project.
I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to my parents for their valuable support and cooperation which helped me a lot in carrying out this Library Management System project work successfully.

Objective of Project

  • The objective of the Library Management System project is to computerize the functions of the Library.
  • Computerization helps in better record keeping and management of the Library.
  • This simplifies the work of the Librarian as he/she can keep a better check on which book is issued by which student.
  • Newly arrived books can easily be added, and data about any book can easily be modified with the help of this project.
  • Also, records can be transferred from one system to the other without any loss of information.

System Implementation

The Hardware Used :

While developing the Library Management System software, the hardware used is:
PC with Intel Core 2 Duo processor having 2.00 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, SVGA, and other required devices.

The Software Used :

  • Microsoft Windows® 8 as Operating System.
  • TurboC 7 v2.1 for coding.
  • MS-Word 2010 for documentation.  


1) Class book


Data members

bno : char type (6 characters)
bname : char type (50 characters)
aname : char type (20 characters)



create_book: to read bno, bname & aname and create book.
show_book: to display details of the book when it is issued.
modify_book: to modify the name & author of the
bookretbno: to return bno



Data members
Admno : char type (6 characters)
name: char type (20 characters)
stbno : char type (6 characters)
token : integer type



create_student : to create student record.
show_student : to display a specific student record.
modify_student : to modify student’s name.
retadmno : to return admission no. of student.
retstbno : to return the issued book no.
addtoken : to store the value of token as 1 book is issued.
resettoken : to reset the value of the token to 0 is book is returned.


Library Management System Project Main Menu

1) Main menu
2) Administrator Menu
3) Creating a Student record
4) Displaying all the student’s records
5) Displaying details of a specific student
6) Modifying a student’s record
7) Deleting a student’s record
8) Entering a new book
9) Displaying all the books
10) Displaying details of a specific book
11) Modifying details of a book
12) Deleting a book
13) Issuing a book
14) Depositing a book

Download the Complete C++ Project on Library Management System

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