A Wavelet Laplace Variational Technique .Net Project

Abstract: A wavelet Laplace variational technique is a project developed to improve the resolution of the images and to constract a new variational inpainting method. This method is based on PDE techniques which involves localized wavalet based methods. In this technique the variational formulation of the problem allows the users to build the properties of the recovered signal directly into the analytical machinery.
This application provide users to register to the site and become members.older users can enter into the site by giving the valid username and password and click the signin button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 001

After entering into the site user will find the image deconvolution and in painting page with some affect providing fields which include invert,gray scale,brightness,contrast,color,resize,exposure,hue and saturation.All this options are available in basic mode.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 002
To start the work user should select an image from his computer and place it on the editor screen with the help of file menu.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 003
User can make changes to the image as he required. He can change the color of the image and he can apply the invert feature to the image.Invert feature will arrange the position of the image.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 004
User can use all the features to the image,he can apply the grayscale feature to the image which changes the color of the  image to the gray color.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 005

User  can increase the brightness of the image. This feature will be applied when he clicks on the brighten field on the left. This opens a popup menu with a scale to increase or decrease the brightness of the image. If the brightness is adjusted then he can click ok or he can get the previous image by selecting the restore button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 006
User can contrast the image which makes the image looks different in luminance or color.Soon after clicking the contrast button a popup menu will be opened with a adjustment scale and restore button.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 007
User can adjust the color of the image in an easy way.A popup menu with the adjustment scale will be opened and make the work of the user much  easier. It also contains the options like colorize and restore.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 008
User can resize the image  by using the resize option . The resize popup menu includes the options width and height. An extra checkbox bi-linear filtering is also available in this resize option.if the size is adjusted then user need to click on the ok button which saves the specified size of the image.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 009
Exposure is an  amount of light per unit area which opens a popup menu with a adjustment scale and restore option.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 010
Hue is an option which is used to change or adjust the  color or shade of  the image. This also opens a popup menu with a adjustment scale and restore option.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 011

Saturation is an expression for the relative bandwidth of the visible output from a light source. This option gives the aspects of color in the red, green, and blue.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 012
When the user clicks on the topology identification button which is the second mode  it opens other page with some new effects which include emboss laplacian,horizontal,vertical,edge enhance.edge detect quick and sodel.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 013

The third mode provided by this application is convolute mode which will give other effects to the image  like remove noise,motion blur,frosted glass,bathroom window horizontal,bathroom window vertical, bathroom window both and partial gaussian blur.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 014
The fourth mode is in-painting which will allow the user to perform the actions like in-paint, smooth, gaussian blur,mean removal,sharpen and random jitter.

Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique 015

Load Balancing Strategy System .Net Project


Load balancing strategy system is a project developed to handle the crucial issues in multimedia systems. The client requests from large-scale multimedia storage system may have different demands ,the placement and replication of the objects which are very important factors. These issues lead to the imbalance in the server loading across the system.

Load balancing strategy system introduces the object storage server which responds to the requests that comes from the centralized servers . These servers are independent and has no communication with other systems.

Load balancing strategy system provides a website where  users can get logged in by giving the username and password. This is possible if the user is already registered with the site.

Load Balancing Strategies 0User will get a welcome message after entering to the site’s homepage. This page also shows other links which includes distributed server config,status report and file upload.User can get to then by clicking on them.

Load Balancing Strategies 1
Load balancing strategy system provides an extra features to the users to upload a file. User can upload a file by entering the details in the fields given in the page which includes image id,image name and upload image where the user can choose it from his PC and click the save button.

Load Balancing Strategies 2
User can also give the additional information like user id,user name,password, server name, IP address and port no and click save button which will be saved in his account.

Load Balancing Strategies 3
Client login page where he can search the information. Client can enter by giving the valid username and password and click the sign in button.

Load Balancing Strategies 4

Client can search for his requirements by giving the name of the city and click the search button. This application provides the client to check the status . Client can find the field check status at the right side of the page.

Load Balancing Strategies 5
Client will get the information according to his search in a tablet form which includes disconnect,server name IP address port no and bandwidth.

Load Balancing Strategies 6
Client can view the catch server also, where the fields are start catch metadata server,stop catch metadata server and layout catch metadata server. Client can select the required field.

Load Balancing Strategies 7

Online Rental Hub .Net Project

Online rental hub is a web application developed to gadget a website for different cities to sell or buy a product. Rental hub provides service to buy or sell products online irrespective of their location at any time. Rental hub provides direct communication between customer and the vendor and maintain the database. This application acts as an interface between the vendor and the rental showroom owner. The application provides an extra feature of relocating the service.

Online rental hub provides a website to the users who need to advertise their product. If the vendor is already a member then he can go to the member login and can directly  give his credentials. All the website is maintained by the admin he can enter by giving the username and password.

Online rental hub_01Admin will enter into the site by giving the admin name and password. Online rental hub_02Admin can view all the transactions made by the customers. The Administrator after Login to the site he verifies the recent bookings from customers. Then he will forward all the  bookings details to the vendors. Admin will place all the available orders for the day to be visited by the customers. Online rental hub_03Admin will list all the details of the vendors and place in order .The details include requirements,date and time,name, phone number and email of the vendor. Online rental hub_04

All the information given by the vendors such as product details and personal details and feedbacks will be viewed by the admin. Admin will accepts feedback from the customer and gives the proper answers to them. All the booking details are also maintained by the admin Online rental hub_05

If admin forgets the password then he can retrieve into the account by filling the details and get the password Online rental hub_06

All the formation of the site permissions are given to the admin .He will retrieve all the product details and list them inorder to make the vendors work easier in viewing the product.The product details includes image,vendorname,producttype,avaliablecity,productname,startdate,enddate,rent,status,description,productid and vuname Online rental hub_07

Vendor can give the username and password if he is already registered with the site. If  the vendor is a new member then he needs to register by going to member login page Online rental hub_08

The Vendor fills the registration form by giving the personal information and successfully registers with the website Online rental hub_09

Vendor will be provided with a username and login after completing the registration successfully to access the account Online rental hub_10

Vendor can view and edit his profile if needed.our site provides extra features to the vendors like adding the product,updating the product and delete the product Online rental hub_11

Vendor can add the product details by giving the required information which includes vendor name,product category,product name,available city,product description Online rental hub_12

Product typr and product id and click update.Thus, the product will be update into the site. Vendor can even update the existing product details such as rent, available dates etc by    entering the product id of that product Online rental hub_13

If the vendor wants the product to be deleted  the he can give the product type and  product id and click the delete button. This action will delete the product from the website Online rental hub_14

Vendor can view his profile and make changes if needed Online rental hub_15

Vendor can search the product by giving the product type and product id. All the Customers after accessing the site can search for products, if he finds the required product then he need to fill the booking form and submit to the database Online rental hub_16

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool

Course finder and allocation management tool is a project which deals with the education system. This application provides guidelines to the students who are at the beginning searching for the courses. This application deals with different types of courses and facilities. Students who are newly entering from secondary education to higher secondary education and above need the complete information about courses so that they can select the right one suits to them. This application allows students to improve their skills and get details of the placements, college photographs, expertise.

This application is developed to design and develop an automated package named course finding system for managing the search of colleges via the internet. This application provides a website for the students where the starting page contains a welcome page which gives a small intro about the application. Getting started we can find three links at the left as home, student and contact us.

Course Finder1

If a student wants to contact the site then he can give username and type his query and mention his email id so that admin can forward answer to his query. Then he can click the submit button.

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 002If a student is already registered with this site then he can directly give his email id and password.  Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 003

A student can get access to the site by getting registered to the site. he needs to fill out all the personal information along with educational qualifications and selected course.He can also select a username and password.

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 004

A student can change his password by entering user id and fill the requirements like old password, retype password,new password and confirm the password and click the confirm button. Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 005

If in case student forgot the password he can give the alternative email and get the access again.

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 006

In this application, students can search for the college in a very easy way. For making a search student need to give the details like the select course,state and city and then click the enter button.

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 007All the requested searches will be received by the database and student will get the result within no time. Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 008

After selecting the college student can view the information about the college which include the location of the college, courses offered by the college, faculty, labs, fee,etc.

Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 009Students can get logged with the university at the same time. Student need to open the university login page and enter username,user id and password if he is already a member or he needs to get registered first and get access Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 010

For the students who are new need to get registered and fill the information like name,personal details and educational qualifications Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 011After getting access to the university site student can select the university and grab the required information Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool 012The final step after getting all the information is to log out from the university site If the login process is done properly then the student will get the message that you have been successfully logged out.

Download Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project Source Code, Report.

Back to My Village .Net Project

Back to my village is a .Net project which is a charity group of professionals for those users who want to voluntarily contribute for the development of their village/town’s. In this project issues like primary education, people’s health, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure are on main focus among others.

This .Net project is a web based project. Main aim of this Final Year project is to develop voluntarily help to village/town’s. Depending on website a  group want to help their members collaborate, to plan and implement different activities and learn with others  experience/feedbacks/ suggestions. Group also wants to encourage others to join their initiatives and recognize their contributions.

This .Net Web application is fully integrated with customer relationship management(CRM) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one form semi automated.

In this project users will register to the website. They will upload all the information necessary regarding the application. Users of this application will gather all the requirement os the village or town to be developed in this site. This information will be viewed by everyone who are registered with this website. They can give their views about the development.

Range of expertise:

  • Software Development Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Development
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Consulting
  • IT Outsourcing


The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:

  1. Web Administration
  2. Group Member
  3. Anonymous Users
  4. Member Communications
  5. Registration.
  6. Search
  7. Reports
  8. Authentication