Project Report on Image Gallery

Introduction to Image Gallery Project:

The Image Gallery application software allows the user or visitor to access the two different categories or sections known as “Read” and “Write”. The “Read” tab grants the user to see the images in the album, to give a comment for the particular image, see images by slide show. The “Write” tab allows the user to access and post the images of them or uploading of images. 

The holder owner of the Gallery has a registered user account and possesses special accessible rights. The owner does not have the rights to control or regulate the “Owner” and the “Primary Group”. They are only rights to access their “Read” and “Write” access permissions. The “Owner” and the “Primary group” permission rights is made only for the Administrator. 

The Existing system 

The existing system focused on the data analysis that are extracted from the different records. The system tackles the decisions and transactions on the basis of the data collected. To collect data the commonly used tools are the Flow charts, Interviews, Training, and the Experience also some general knowledge. These tools are combined to form a system. The shortcomings of the system is to understand the problem after only completely defined and investigated and need the solution. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system has image gallery of our interest to create it. The merits of the system are:

  1. The user friendly Interface
  2. Quick access to the database
  3. Reduce error
  4. More Storage 

The Proposed system is developed on the Windows XP/SP2 operating system, Java Run time Environment 1.5, ASP for the front end program, Microsoft Access 2003 for the Back end program. The hardware specifications are Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk.

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