Ultimate Search Tool Visual Basic Project Report

Introduction to Ultimate Search Tool Visual Basic Project:

Ultimate Search Tool  Is Implemented Using Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Developer Network(MSDN) and SQL server for connecting with servers to keep Tracing of  users and recent History of users and also act as a server for Data base.It is used to search the files or folders on network as well as in the computer by remote accessing,by specifying the ip addressof Required system .The desktop searching is very fast because the files/foldersin system memory are loaded into the data base and it has another feature like it maintains the history of the users who accessed the our systems

The ultimate search tool has three Modules

1.Network File/Folder Search

2.Desktop Search

3.Net Spy

 Network file- folders Search Module: 

  • By using this module we search a folder/file which is in shared mode by specifying the ip address of the system.we can’t search a folder/file in the entire ip-address range. This tool is only helps in finding the folder/file with in ip-address range or for selected ip
  • It searches the folder/file based on their size and  type of file.it may be document,exe,mp3,mp4
  • This module also allows user to copy the folder/file and can access the data reside in it.
  • It also has another feature like identifying the network pool automatically along with device information which is shared
  • It searches the file/folder in the network by creating the threads for every ip and searches for specified ip whether it is available within the range or not
  • Filters can be specified if we want to search a particular file by specifying  extensions  like .mp4,.mp3,.doc,.exe,at the same time user can specify ping time out. 

Desktop Search Module:

  • By this desktop search module we can search file/folder  based on the type,name,description or  specified file/folder can be searched
  • In this data should be inserted from Hard disk to the data base.it has back-end modules that simultaneously transfer the data to database and second modules with watching the system which has additional components (1.update 2. Delete 3. Rename 4.Change).
  • These additional components have specific functions.
  • Update component checks for any changes in the system hard disk delete component checks weather any file/folder is deleted rename component checks weather any file/folder renamed,change component checks weather any folder/file  size changed or not.All this information is collected and transferred to the data base. 

  Net-Spy Module: 

  • By This module  the user can know who accessed the folders\files that are in shares mode
  • The other users can get the information of the user like remote Operating   system,user name,system name and also information about shared devices.If another user tried to access folder/file it gives information like folder/file name along with its location and they can also change,rename or delete the file.
  • The User name is also notified who tried access our system.

Download  Ultimate Search Tool Visual Basic Project Report.

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