E-Banking System Project Report

Introduction to E-Banking System Project:

The application software known as I- Connect is made for the popular Regional Bank inSouth India. This bank also has many branches in major cities and towns in the North. For past 3 years, almost all banks are become computerized to offer its customers the process of e- banking. The bank has been very close to its customers after implementing of e- banking which also enhanced the basic operational strategy. The Banks are focused to start I- Connect which is basically a IT enabled service. The I- Connect concept is only applicable for the saving account customers, not for the Current account holders. The current facility related to the I- Concept is to provide a customer to view the account. The application only prefers to perform transactions for chequebook requistiton, fund transfers from the personal accounts. 

The I- Connect is designed in a distributed architecture which has centralized storage system for the database. The storage of the data in the application I- Connect uses the MS- SQL Server 2000. The interface is designed by applying ASP.Net Technologies. The SQL Connection method is applied for the database connectivity. The application can be used without any threat, and the proper protection mechanism has been monitored continuously. 

The work of the I- Connect is to assist the administrative staff to develop the different modules and the combined reports with the proper strategy and standards. 

The Existing System is time taking, producing errors, taking manpower and lacking the data security. The current system also takes more time to retrieve the data with less accuracy and more time to prepare a report. 

The Proposed System includes-

  1. Produce immediate reports
  2. Exact and effective estimations
  3. Information in brief
  4. Security of data
  5. Easy and better keeping of records
  6. Transactions is easy and accessible

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