Indian Tourism Portal .Net Project Report

Introduction to Indian Tourism Portal .Net Project:

The Travel Management System has been advanced by opting the Online Booking and information system. The Travel search and Booking Software is an automated system that has been developed for the tour travelers, tour operators and the tourism agents.  The website allows one to log on and perform the real time and online reservations. 

The website has lot of information too for the convenience of the tourist which shows the various cities and places along with the complete details and images of the tourist places. The details also include the distance of the tourist place from major cities and the how to reach and reservations. The transportation and accommodation is also available in this online service. The administration has to manage the travels details, users and agents and its updation. 

The Existing System 

The Existing System is not able to update the details and provide it online immediately. The online services are not in use so there is no remote access. The mismanagement of the confidential data like addresses and other is high leads to threat. The user has to search for the details manually asking to the provider. It is less user oriented. The system consumes more manpower. The owner of the tourism provider is not able to directly contact with the customer and their interests. Only single system which is only to enter the details in computer for future use. The reports can not be generated automatically. Recoding is difficult as it need more paper work. The services are not reliable on phone. The other booking are not possible. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System automates the whole process by the help of Database Integration Approach. The features are

  1. The system is user friendly and control over various applications.
  2. The project management is easy, simple and retrievable.
  3. The uploading and downloading facility is available.
  4. No mismanagement of data during the project development.
  5. The system is highly secured and authenticated.
  6. The user can themselves check and book the reservations. 

The system possess various modules

  1. Administrator– The module have sub- modules

            User Registration

            Manage Transportation

            Provide Accommodation

            Accept Request

            Generate Report

            Latest News regarding Tourism 

  1. Travel Agents– The module have sub- modules

            Register or Sign in


            Transportation Request

            Query Status

            Updation of Profile

            Password management 

  1. User– The module have sub- modules


           SelectCityand Places



            Update of Profile

            Password Management 

  1. Reports– The module have sub- modules.

            Registered Users/Agents Reports

            Query Performance

            Information related with booking details

            Create Reports 

The system run on Windows XP/2000/2000 Server/2003 Server operating system. The programs followed are Visual Studio. Net 2005 Enterprise Edition, Internet Information Server 5.0, Visual Studio.Net Frame work, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

The hardware requirements are PIV 2.8 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk.

Download  Indian Tourism Portal .Net Project Report .

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