Civil Manager .Net Project

Civil manager is a .Net desktop application used for many purposes. It contains all the details of the registered company like employees working in the company and total number of workers working in the company. The entire details of the company and its assets. In this application users can enter all the entries of the company. This application is mainly developed for civil construction companies. This project It contains different modules which are helpful. This makes work much easier than any others.

This civil manager .Net application can be update users database according to time i.e., when the new employees are working in our company and the details about the number of daily labor working in the company. The additional information about painter, drivers are also listed.

many more like painters, drivers etc and it also contain what are the projects we are dealing and there details like what is the project total estimate and advance amount given by them and what are the stock we have purchased for different projects and who is dealing with that particular project. It contain each and every details of each and every worker in our company like their join date, salary, if they spent some money on which basis they spent and on which project and which date like this it maintain every minor information which is useful for us. At the same time we can see all the details whenever we want. In order to make working easy on this project we have given our own short cuts which enables user to work fast and efficient.


  • Authentication
  • Employee
  • Customer
  • Inventory
  • Agents
  • Expenses
  • Services
  • Materials
  • Report Master
  • Details
  • Creating Users


Online Requirement Process .Net Project


Online requirement process is software designed and developed for recruitment process which provides place for job seekers and job providers to meet. This project is for administration and automation of all major activities taken from the resume site to increase the efficiency of the agency and to provide better service to job seekers and job providers.

The database will collect all the information about the job seekers and job providers. Online requirement process is designed to collect multiple resumes from job seeker. This is collected for job providers.

Every organization need employees, recruiting employees is a very big task for the organization. If all the process is done manually it takes lot of time and might get confused. They need to collect all the job seekers information and schedule interviews without repeation.

Our application helps to maintain a clear database of every job seeker. This project allows job seekers to register with them, so they can get closer to job providers and the searching process may be fast.

After registration job seekers will get username and password. They can know all alerts about available job and they can directly be in contact with job provider. Not only can job seekers, job providers also send updates to them. Users can search job online easily. They can even apply for job whenever they want.

This project also notifies job provider with information of the registered category required for job providers. The system maintains information of the users who have registered with the site and every user can post multiple resumes in every category.  The system helps the user in formulating the resume in proper manner.

After searching the required job on the site the seekers can directly forward their resume to the corresponding email address listed in the search.  This functionality is again provided to the job provider who can instantly mail the candidates if one falls under their category.

Condition Analysis:

  1. The new system should be cost effective.
  2. To augment management, improve productivity and services.
  3. To enhance User/System interface.
  4. To improve information qualify and usability.
  5. To upgrade system’s reliability, availability, flexibility and growth potential.

Budget Planner .Net Project

Budget planner is a project which is very popular and used widely in large scale organizations for submitting various types of bills. Budget planner is an online system and is used to maintain activities in the organizations.

Budget planner is a project developed to support employees in an organization to submit bills to their managers. Bill submitted by employees may be of various types and of various amounts. Employees need to provide name of the manager to which they are supposed to submit the bill. Budget planner is providing to pass the bill thorough a workflow process and the owner of the bill can view the status of the bill any time.

An email will be sent to the concerned person to let them know the status of the bill. Budget planner is software which is fully integrated with customer relationship management and content management system solution. The project is developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one form manual works.

Functional components:

User need to log in with the application based on the roles. User will be directly taken into the “My open request” where the user can view the details of the request and view the status.

Any user can create a request by login to the system, the parameters for creating the request will be

  • Name of the user
  • Dept of the user
  • Type of the bill being submitted
  • Amount of the bill
  • Date of expense incurred
  • The request should be  supported by the bills
  • The bill amount should be credited to the user account in the bank
  • Bank name, address and account number
  • Any other mode by which the user will want to get the payment


  • Administration
  • Finance managers
  • Managers
  • Request creator
  • Search
  • Authentication

Activities performed:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Project planning
  • System design
  • Detail design
  • Coding
  • Unit testing
  • System integration & testing

Mobile Bill Payment Application .Net Project

Mobile bill payment is an application which is introduced to assist mobile phone users to access the information of bills from anywhere and anytime. Mobile bill payment system fulfills the requirements of people. Present fast growing technology made man very busy and he can’t wait waste his time in standing in queues for paying the bills.

In many government sectors we need to pay the bill by standing in queue for long time. So lot of time is being wasted. Not only form employees or business people even for home makers also it is difficult to pay the bill. They stay in the house and need to pay any bill which is so far from their house. They can’t spend their time in paying the bill.

This mobile bill payment application can overcome all these problems by providing online services. This application allows people of different sectors to pay their bills without any strain and without any waste of time. This system provides all the information regarding the payment.

Users who need to pay the bills need to register with this application. They are provided with a username and password. All types of government and private sectors are linked up with our application. So user’s fine using this system easy. They can edit their account, make transactions, see all the updates and even set the remainder also.

This application makes the work easier. Users can pay the bills almost from anywhere and at anytime in short period of time. User can be able to see the information of his pending bills at any critical situations. All the information of the users will be maintained by admin.Providing users reliable and accurate information is the main goal of this application.In order to make this requirement successful our application serves users anytime and anywhere without breakdowns. With this application on a mobile phone work will be done just in one click. User can be able to pay his bills and get all the information requested with least difficulty and mental strain.

Mobile bill payment application provides these services:

  • Information confidentiality
  • Rapid and reliable access to information
  • Information accuracy
  • Manageability
  • Costs


  • Administrator
  • Customer
  • Web Registration
  • Reports
  • Authentication

Distance Erudition system .Net Project

Distance Erudition system  is a web based application deals with online training program for employees of the company. The project has been developed for the distributed client server computation technology. The project basically list outs the courses available and time in which courses has to be completed.  It even makes the task of the company easier to review the courses and the training done by the employees. The company can assess the performance of each employee by conducting online exam for the course.

Other than the employee of the company no one can access the system. This project provides a registration for the employee. Only the registered employee is provided with the online study material covering that particular course along with the corresponding question bank.

Different levels of courses are provided. Each level covers the sub-topic of the particular course. After reading the study material, the employee must write a test. The test contains random questions selected by the server from the question bank. The employee must qualify the test in order to go to next higher level.

Once all the levels in the course are completed, employee will be permitted to go into final test, which contains all the subtopics of that course. The details of the course, study material, exam timings and results will be sending to the employee account .all the information will be secured. Employee can make any changes to his account.

In this project employees are given the flexibility to change the password and can write any type of test (level test, entry test, final test) for 3 times. If the employee is unable to complete the training with in the stipulated time, then they can request the administrator to increase the training time period. The employees can even directly write the entry test for any level. They can view the study material of the completed levels of the registered course.


  • Distance Education is a user friendly.
  • A report generation of all the employees who are undergoing training.
  • Only employees of the organization can access the system.
  • Employees can do only once course at a time.
  • Employees can change the password at any time.


  • Access to the available courses will be online with the study material in the form of documents.
  • User can get the training from his place and logging into the site through net.
  • The test will be processed and the results are displayed online within no time.
  • Managing the training library.