Get Contact from Your Mobile through Name


This Get Contact from Your Mobile through Name project deals with the getting a mobile number of a person by just specifying the name.

This is a useful application when we forget our mobile and are desperately in need of a contact.
In this case, we can just send a name as a message from any mobile to our mobile where this application has been installed, here a key is specified for security.

After receiving this name the mobile to which the message has been sent checks the contact list of the mobile and if that name is found. it sends the number to the mobile from where the request has been got.

Restart Error Detector Android App

After restarting an activity of an Android app, the GUI state changes might lose, which is called as restart error.  Restart can be done at two levels: pressing home button and then launching the app again, pressing back button and then starting the activity again.

The Restart Error Detector Android project is to automatically test Android apps to find restart errors. It can navigate activities of an app by clicking buttons or menu items.

It can restart an activity at the two levels. It can change GUI element states, e.g., filling text boxes and checking checkbox.

It compare the states of GUI elements before and after restarting an activity. If the state changes are not preserved, a restart error is detected.

Time Table Android Application


Class time table project main objective is to develop an android app which can help institutions, schools or colleges faculty members to plan and schedule classes and batches using their smartphones.

By using this app they can enter details of the batches and timings of the batches from starting and ending date with the scheduling the class.

Whenever faculty wants to know about class timings he/she can find them using this android app.

This is very simple and suitable app with all basic features for Time Table related information in the colleges and schools.

Profile Converter and Contact Picker

The aim is to develop this Android application on profile converter and contact picker.

The profile converter app is useful for daily users who forget their mobile and don’t know the current location of their mobile.

For knowing the location user call to his/her number, if the mobile was in silent/vibrate mode we don’t know where it was.

By using this android app it is easy to know just by a message .we send a message from any mobile to our android mobile and the profile will change to user wants.

In some case, the user wants to get a contact number from a mobile. Then by sending a message contains contact name by any mobile we get number of those contact

Campus Mobile Application


‘Campus’ is mobile application for student, which is used to know the campus up to date like – What’s going on? , What is next? , And past what has done?

The main reason behind this Campus application the students know the more information about the university and what’s going on – upcoming events, any cultural programs, the student activities, sports, and about the examination complete details.

This Campus Mobile application also having the detailed information about the professors, course structures, about the administration department, gallery of the university and recently conducted event images, videos and also having the information about the past students.

This Campus Mobile application have the information which already in the website but it’s in the simple way, sometimes we miss the important information in website because website having the lot of information.

This is only access the students and professors by login with their ID’s. Additionally, this application provides the weather reports of the location of the university and provides the scheduling details of the library as well as university.