PDF CREATOR & VIEWER Android Project


The aim is to develop Android application on PDF CREATOR & VIEWER.

“PDF CREATOR AND VIEWER” provides an environment to create PDF documents with key features of viewing and editing. This application helps to view and edit the documents in an easy manner. In the same editor, PDF can be developed.

PDF CREATE is an independent application which can easily run an any android platform without  required prerequisites or plugins. In this the properties such as save ,color, viewer, various alignments are available. In PDF viewer we can see the documents directly.

Hence,it  is  an open platform for developing Editing&viewing an pdf documents.


The main purpose of this application is to create a  pdf  or document at an instance without use of any desktop office packages.Here we create a document or pdf  through  a android based mobile phone at any where with the use of this application.Here we can also edit,view the pdf document in our mobile phone.


In scope it constitutes of  Fontsize, Cliparts, Authetication,Images and Email facilitiations. And with many more features which are relatively similarity to a desktop pdf documentation.


Here in the existing system it constitutes of creating a pdf with less number of facilities.There was no possibility for writing a new paragraph in the created document.and there is no possibility for various alignments, and colours.


In proposed system it helps for viewing,Editing& Creating the documents.Editing can be develop in the same Editor. pdf creator is an independent application which can easily run an any android platform. In pdf creator the properties such as colors,alignments, save preview, submit. In pdf viewer we can see the document  directly.

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