Food Maker Android Application

Abstract: The main aim of Food Maker Android Application is to provide the user a list of dishes which can be cooked provided with the information and the duration to cook which user wishes to cook. The user is given step by step guide on how to prepare a dish they wish to cook, chosen from our list of recipes provided. Our Food Maker app not only gives the user a clear cut instruction on how to make that lip smacking dish but also shows the user on how master chef’s do it by seeing the videos attached along with the step-by-step instructions of the dish.

The video’s attached with the instruction’s helps the user’s to make sure that they are following the given instructions correctly, and also see how the master’s do it and learn a thing or two from them. We boost of a long list of recipes from which the user can pick any of them and start cooking in no time. Giving clear cut instructions to the user not only saves time to the user but also leaves the user with less ambiguity.


  • With our food maker phone application, users are able to type full or partial names of food items and search for the recipes.
  • Compared to other applications, which only has some food items or general information about the recipes, our food application provides customers a better idea of what they can cook.
  • Our Food Maker application by listing all items in menu allows users to know how much quantity of ingredients they need so that customer can decide whether to cook the recipe or not.
  • Besides, a YouTube link is provided in order to know the clear instructions of how to cook the particular recipe.


This section is going to describe the main functionalities of this application. Our new Food Maker android app includes following features :

  • Search bar
  • Get recipes menu
  • Instructions
  • Image of recipe
  • YouTube  links


When users are looking for a specific food item, they input either partial or full name of the recipe. For example just type “Mango faluda” then the entire recipe which contains ingredients, instructions , images and YouTube links will be popping up.


All the recipes will be shown in a particular slide in order for the ease of the customers . Where customers can easily select the particular recipe for the further instructions which is followed by giving a YouTube link.


When customer selects a particular recipe then entire process of how to cook will be shown in the next slide which includes instructions and ingredients required for particular recipe followed by YouTube link for the ease of the customer.


After the instruction phase of how to cook the particular recipe , an image will be provided for the garnishing and creativity of the recipe.


An YouTube link will be provided after the instruction phase in order for the ease of the customer. 



  • Operating system  :  Windows 7/8/10.
  • Coding Language  :  Java 1.7
  • Tool Kit                :   Android 2.3 ABOVE
  • IDE(Integrated development environment)         :    Android Studio.


  • MOBILE   : ANDROID (Smart Phone)


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