Women Protection System Mobile Application

In this Women’s protection system project mobile application is to be implemented that inform the predefined numbers about the safety and location of the user. The application is accessible automatically as well as manually.

Requirements from Android APP:

 Android App constantly monitor the Bluetooth connection between mobile and hardware.

– System can be deactivated by entering the password on the mobile and after that even  if the  key is pressed or connection between mobile and hardware is broken then message will NOT send.

– When mobile received signal via Bluetooth,after pressing key on the belt(Hardware side), App will fetch the current GPS location and Emergency message to predefined numbers using SMS method.

– When Bluetooth connection ( between hardware and mobile) broken( by forcefully opening belt ),or if link between mobile and hardware is disconnected,then App will generate alert command and send last recorded GPS location to predefined numbers.

– If unintentional person want to switch off mobile to remove the communication medium, App will display any wrong message,

Example. “Do you really want to switch off your phone?”

The right answer for this is NO to switch off phone,which is only known to user of that phone but as obvious answer is YES,that unintentional person will say YES.

Because of this before switching off,Mobile will send current location via  SMS without knowing to that unintentional user saying”I am in danger please follow my GPS location”.

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