Project Report On Solar Cooker Using Parabolic Reflector

This  Project Report On Solar Cooker Using Parabolic Reflector explains about construction and fabrication procedure of solar cooker. A solar cooker needed no wood – just sun! With this in mind, dozens of research institutes developed solar cookers. It can also replace the traditional stoves burnt on firewood in remote parts of our country thus retaining our forests and ecological biodiversity. Foraging for fuel wood is a demanding task that reduces the time women and children have for school and profitable work too. The fossil fuels damage the environment and we are dangerously close to exhausting them completely .The solar energy options are therefore becoming more attractive.

The need to cook food for nourishment is fundamental to nearly every society and requires the expenditure of energy in some form. Solar energy can be harnessed to meet this need without the environmental and health problems associated with most other fuels. There are a wide variety of devices designed to capture the sun’s energy and harness it for cooking food; unfortunately, it is often difficult to compare these devices to one another. The use of solar energy to cook food presents a viable alternative to the use of fuel wood, kerosene, and other fuels traditionally used in developing countries for the purpose of preparing food. While certainly, solar cookers cannot entirely halt the use of combustible fuels for food preparation, it can be shown that properly applied, solar cooking can be used as an effective mitigation tool with regards to global climate change, deforestation, and economic debasement of the world’s poorest people.

 Project Report On Solar Cooker Using Parabolic Reflector Conclusion:

Cooking with solar energy remains a fuel-saving technique, which can provide definite help in situations of fuel scarcity. Solar cookers and especially cooking boxes can be successfully locally made. However, the introduction of a new way of cooking results in radical changes in the rhythm of life in a community.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Solar Cooker Using Parabolic Reflector.

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