Microcontroller Based Semiconductor Tap Changer For Power Transformer

The main purpose of this Microcontroller Based Semiconductor Tap Changer For Power Transformer project report is to provide a fully electronic tap water changer. Triacs transformer. Microcontroller as a switching device on selected tap the power of its software design are used to acting as a catalyst for the triac, in turn, loaded. Step down and the opt-coupler is connected between the input and each isolated from the microcontroller connected to low voltage connected to the microcontroller from the damaging high-voltage transformer.

A prototype fully electronic semiconductor under load tap changers for power transformers has been designed and built. With the advent of high performance semiconductor devices with mechanical problems on the fixed-position switch has been properly brought together. In this work the prototype with a triac as the switching devices and microcontroller as the triggering circuit has been built. The result of this work has shown that the prototype fast response time of about 0.44 s to respond will receive each load change. It also produces no cross-border problems, as there is no mechanical contact and requires no maintenance and can swell to be considered as one of the quick fixes the voltage dip or voltage. The system is tested for reliability and proves to be the output voltage of the system to maintain. Owing to the constraint of time the wiring layout can be optimized in future by designing a planned wiring layout to avoid any interference between power and control circuits.

 Microcontroller Based Semiconductor Tap Changer For Power Transformer Conclusion:

A prototype of fully electronic on-load tap changer has been built and tested. Triac devices as the switching device that had eliminated all disadvantages of arching, contact wear and maintenance that associated with conventional mechanical tap changer. With these semiconductor devices and microcontroller as the processing element, the response time of the tap changer had been improved to approximately 0.44s. The result obtained from the experiment had showed that the tap changer was able to maintain output voltage level by varying the tap setting each time the input voltage changes.

Download Microcontroller Based Semiconductor Tap Changer For Power Transformer Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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