Phone Mode Conversion Android Application

About the project:

In this Phone Mode Conversion Android project we will convert any profile mode (silent) to general when the message sent is matched with the password that we had saved. If not it will be as a normal message to the mobile and will be stored in inbox.

Existing system limitations:

In the previous projects the message sent will be sent as a normal message to the other mobile .But there is no application developed to change the modes of the mobile automatically by receiving a predefined message.

Phone Mode Conversion Activity and Class Diagram

Proposed system with features:

In this project we are proposing a new form of messaging to get the general mode back as a delivery report. In this project we will send a Message to my mobile, it will authenticate the message and reply mode conversion If the message is not matched with the mobile password then it will be normal message.


In present days in the entire world mobiles are used most usually. So the people are expecting some new technologies in mobiles as we know android is an open source.

Our project name is “Phone Mode Conversion”. It is an application which can convert any silent, vibrate mode into general mode. This application must be installed in the receiving side of the mobile. When this application is installed in mobile it automatically runs in the background always. There is no need to open the application each and every time once it is installed in any mobile it automatically runs in background until it is uninstalled from the mobile.

Activate silent mode in mobile1

Here in this project we set a predefined code which is itself a password and this password must be sent in the form of message from another mobile, then my mobile after receiving that message my application authenticates it and reacts converting from any mode to general. And if the message is not matched it will be received as a normal message.

Mostly many of the people are negligence about their mobiles as the mobile will be in silent mode and forget their mobiles somewhere and search for that again but they cannot find it, in such a case this application plays a major role in such a way that he types the predefined code like password set by (developer) and sends it from another mobile.

Send Sms code

After my mobile receiving that message the application verifies that code and if it is matched with the code set by the developer, the mode of the mobile will be changed automatically from silent mode to general mode. Then he calls to his mobile and he can hear the ringtone of his mobile and finally he finds it back.

This application can be installed in an Android mobiles and the predefined message can be sent from any mobile, this is the major advantage of this application. This application can automatically run in background once it is installed until it is uninstalled.

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  1. Im a student nd im also working on this project as a part of our academics can u plz send me the code plz… 🙁

  2. Please sir i need some basic concept source code of this project so please send me a basic code of it… Thanking You

  3. I’m a student and i’m also working on this project as a part of our academics can u please send me the code please sir … 🙁

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