PPT Presentation on Blue Eyes Technology

Introduction to PPT Presentation on Blue Eyes Technology:

Blue eyes are a concept which targets on developing the machines that are mechanical and computer dependent.  These machines also has the sensory capabilities and affective same as like those of the Human Beings. It is designed to be an interdependent system computer and here the system computer is made to work same like of those of the human behavior. Theses computer also recognize the emotional and physical condition of the human beings.

To bring this technology in real life use non-obstructive sensing devices, latest video cameras, microphones which are used to recognize the end user actions by the use of high sensory device. The name Blue eyes was set to this service because it works on Bluetooth and Eyes of the Human Beings. The devices that supports the Blue Eyes is the Emotion mouse which has the pressure sensor which traps the pressure the user operating the mouse Galvanic skin response which tracks the skin functions, the heart beat trap sensor which traps the beats of the users heart.

Eye tracker is a device which tracks the movement of the eyes of the user. A device named the IBM Almaden eye tracker is used to track the eye of the user. It aims the retina of the user’s eye through a web camp and shows and tracks the emotions of the user’s eye. Next comes the magic pointing which is a manual means the user enter facility and the input pointing.

Liberal magic pointing is the concept related to the magic pointing. It tracks about 95% of the user’s eye emotions. Speech recognizes system which is used to input the signal to the device by the form of Sounds. Suitor is a device which points out the user’s choice and his interest and then begins the work to search the matching interest.

The advantages of the Blue Eyes are it slows down the fatigue, perfect accuracy every time, large speed.

Download  PPT Presentation on Blue Eyes Technology.

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